Hump Day Hook #10

Welcome to the Hump Day Hook Hop for January 9th, 2013!

With this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a WIP or finished book for all to see. Then, it would be really cool if you could visit all the writers participating and comment on their paragraph!

This paragraph is from my current work in progress, Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice, my paranormal adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story.  It's just a taste of how marriage to Elizabeth has affected the vampire Darcy....

    Darcy felt he had undergone a metamorphosis of sorts, a second transformation to reverse the pain and shame of the first.  After years of self-loathing, disgust for the beast he had become, the indignity of even pronouncing the word, he had found someone who not only accepted his dark nature but embraced it – welcomed it, reveled in it! – gaining from it a satisfaction to match his own. Naturally, no one could possibly have imagined the secret of their marriage bed; but anyone seeing him standing a bit taller, walking with a self-assurance - beyond mere pride - heretofore unknown, could not doubt that marriage agreed with him.
    Fitzwilliam Darcy, vampire, was happy.

Love to know what you think! 

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  1. Love it! I'm a Jane Austen fan, so I'm awed by your creativity.

  2. Oh very nicely done. Love the introspection.

  3. This hook really shows how marriage has changed him. It's sweet! :)

  4. As always, I love your hook! This story really intrigues me, and every paragraph you show makes me like it even more!

  5. I love it. It's an amazing hook like everything what I have read from you so far.

  6. I can feel his happiness,Colette. Well done!

  7. Love the description of his feelings here!

  8. It's such a beautiful thing to see a vampire in love. I'm liking both Darcy and Elizabeth very much just from reading a couple of your hooks. I will be checking Pulse and Prejudice as soon as I have a chance to read a new book!

    1. The silly blogspot comment boxes don't like me. This is Jade Crystal, a real person, not a web address, lol.


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