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What Can I Say?

Originally written and posted for Austen Authors. Jane Austen's "writing environment"  When I began researching and writing Pulse and Prejudice , I stopped cooking and cleaning. You see, I have what in the world of the arts is known as a “day job” (as in “Don’t quit your..."). Until I am able to live my dream of being a writer by profession, I work forty to fifty hours a week at said “day job,” the stresses of which often force me to indulge my love of wine and cheese and, on occasion, the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice . (Yes, I will watch all five hours in one sitting.) Once I jumped into the Pulse and Prejudice project, it literally (pun only slightly intended) was another full-time job. With only a finite number of hours in the day – and despite the benefits of chronic insomnia – if I were going to pursue this novel and keep our house out of foreclosure, something had to give: cooking and cleaning. We attempted to hire maid service

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