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Merry Christmas & See You In the New Year!

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday season! My blogging will be suspended for the holidays, but you can catch up on all my existing posts for Six Sentence Sunday , the Thursday 13 , and the Hump Day Hook . Be sure to check back here on January 1st, 2013, for a HUGE announcement that you won't want to miss! Thanks to all my readers for the wonderful success of  Pulse and Prejudice and All My Tomorrows this year. I look forward to entertaining and intriguing you in 2013! Ever yours, Colette

Santa Six Sentence Sunday

for December 23rd, 2012 Merry Christmas, everyone! The following is from one of the more lighthearted scenes from Pulse and Prejudice , the paranormal adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, which tells the story of Mr. Darcy, vampire . It takes place immediately after last week's Six Sentence Sunday , when Darcy spied Elizabeth at the theatre in London. The pup Amadeus is the only character in the novel drawn from someone in my real life, my darling, extremely annoying PBGV . OK, so maybe I am using this as an excuse to post this adorable picture of him with Santa, but can you blame me? If you would like to read the full scene, click here for the special excerpt posted for his birthday (with more photos!). Darcy did not recognize the sound of rapid claws on parquet, which rang out when the butler opened the door at Calmet House; and he stood in perfect astonishment as a short, wiry ragamuffin of a dog barreled around the staircase and slid to a quivering stop at their

Thursday Thirteen for the End of the World

Tomorrow is December 21st, 2012, and marks the end of the current Mayan calendar. Many have speculated that on this date, it will be the end of the world as we know it. Hence, I present 13 things I would want to do before the end of the world. Please leave comments - I would love to hear some of yours! 1. Go to Australia and Antarctica. One of my goals is to visit all of the continents, and these are the only two I have left. 2. Have a romantic dinner with my husband at Victoria and Albert's Restaurant. 3. See the Grand Canyon from a hot air balloon. 4. Go to India and get a hug from Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī , the "hugging Saint." 5. Say confession at the Vatican and be absolved by a Cardinal (end of the world - better cover all my bases!) 6. As long as I am in Italy, drive as fast as I can on the Autostrada in a convertible. 7. Have birthday cake. Since I won't be having any more birthdays... 8. See the Saints win the Superbowl. Oh wait! That

Hump Day Hook #8

Welcome to the Hump Day Hook Hop for 12/19/12! With this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a WIP or finished book for all to see. Then, it would be really cool if you could visit all the writers participating and comment on their paragraph! This excerpt is from my current work in progress, Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth , the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice , the vampire adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story.  Because Pulse and Prejudice tells the story of Mr. Darcy, the plot follows him to London after leaving Elizabeth the day after the Netherfield ball; and much of it involves his relationship with his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. The scene I have selected for today is a heated discussion between Darcy and Fitzwilliam. Those who have read Pulse and Prejudice may be surprised  by the changes in their relationship, which occur in the sequel....    “We cannot pretend any longer," said Fitzwilliam.  You cannot deny your nature, what you are.  I wa

Winner of my Jane Austen Birthday Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Jane Austen Birthday Bloghop , and thanks to Maria Grazia for coordinating the event. Congratulations to the winner of my giveaway -  a copy of Pulse and Prejudice - Lúthien84! If you did not win, don't despair! Pulse and Prejudice is still available in both print and eBook ! When the haughty and wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives in the rural county of Hertfordshire, he finds he cannot control his attraction to Elizabeth Bennet – a horrifying thought because, as she is too far below his social standing to ignite his heart, he fears she must appeal to the dark impulses he struggles to suppress. Set against the vivid backdrop of historical Regency England, 'Pulse and Prejudice' follows the cursed Mr. Darcy as he strives to overcome both his love and his bloodlust for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. This compelling adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice' remains faithful to the original plot and style of the Jan

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Miss Jane Austen was born on December 16th, 1775, in Hampshire, England. In honour of her 275th birthday, in conjunction with Maria Grazia's My Jane Austen Book Club , from December 16th through December 18th, we have a unique blog hop with the participants highlighting a favourite passage written by Miss Austen. Oh, and of course we have Giveaways! Please leave a comment below with your email address for my giveaway, your choice of an eBook or Print copy of Pulse and Prejudice , and be sure to continue on this special birthday blog hop ! The passage I have selected is from Pride and Prejudice ; however, for some reason, it is omitted from most adaptations. Mrs. Gardiner may be my favourite Austenian character, as she and Mr. Gardiner must be the most sensible people in the entire Austen universe! In this excerpt, Miss Elizabeth Bennet - en route to Kent - visits with her aunt and uncle in London. Gracious hosts that they are, they take her to the theatre. (Below this excerpt, yo

Six Sentence Sunday

for December 16th, 2012 Happy birthday to Jane Austen!  The following excerpt is from Pulse and Prejudice , the paranormal adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, which tells the story of Mr. Darcy, vampire . I am cheating a bit with these six sentences, as they are from the excerpt I am using for the Jane Austen Birthday blog hop . Click here for the full excerpt plus the scene from Pride and Prejudice that inspired it. Be sure to leave a comment there for a chance to win a copy of Pulse and Prejudice . In this scene, Darcy has an unexpected encounter when he goes to the theatre.... They were settling in when, over the rumble of the crowd, Darcy heard a familiar trill of laughter. A lump formed in his throat; and for a moment, he could not breathe. He thought he sensed her presence; but peering over the balustrade, he told himself it could not be. The woman with her back to him resembled Elizabeth, but she stood with a man and woman of fashion whom he did not thin

Thursday Thirteen - Recipe! 13 Ingredients for Tunisian Couscous

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen for December 13th, 2012! This week, I offer a recipe of my own creation, which just happens to have 13 ingredients.  A few years ago (before all of the current turmoil), my daughter and I vacationed in Tunisia for a week, and I went absolutely mad for the couscous they prepared there. When I returned to the States, I went on a mission to recreate the couscous I had eaten there; and after multiple attempts, I finally got the flavour just right! Enjoy~             Colette's Tunisian Couscous Olive oil 1 Onion, chopped into large pieces 6 chicken thighs 4 tbsp. Tomato paste 2 large potatoes 1 cup baby carrots 1 tbsp. harissa   (can substitute other chili paste or chili powder) ½ tbsp. cinnamon ½ tbsp. cumin ½ tbsp. paprika 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 2 c. uncooked couscous (quick-cooking)  In a large pot or Dutch oven, sauté onion in olive oil until slightly soft.  Add chicken thighs and brown on each side.  Add 1cup water and

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