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Scribhneoir Extraordinaire Ellie Potts Interviews ME

I am honoured that Ellie Potts - the amazing author of Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Horror such as Blood Witch , The Unicorn and the Serpent , and Flights of Delusion - asked to interview me about writing my novel Pulse and Prejudice . She asked me about Vampire Darcy, Lord Byron, and all the pop culture references throughout the narrative. She even asked for a few pictures of me in my -eek! - Regency wear! I hope you'll take a look.... ~Colette Interview with Colette L. Saucier author of Pulse and Prejudice! I am a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice and Colette L. Saucier offers a refreshing twist on it by doing the story through Mr. Darcy's eyes. But Mr. Darcy is a vampire! What I loved about this is that the vampire is not overdone. It is there with light traces. He is not shiny or too dark. He is Mr. Darcy. I loved them sitting around talking about life and music getting more into their past that wasn't touched on. I think I caught a few pop referenc

Because You Are Mine by Lena Hart

Good morning, dear readers ! This week on Coffee with Colette , fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Lena Hart has dropped by to tell you about her hot New Release , Because You Are Mine !  Plus, she reveals the secrets behind her hero and heroine, Drake and Cara (and even has pictures - yea!). Get an eyeful of Drake! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe we need ICE coffee... ~Colette Introducing Cara and Drake!   Happy Tuesday! I first want to thank Colette for hosting me on her blog today. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the leading lady and man of my latest release, Because You Are Mine , a story essentially about broken bonds and betrayal… Betrayal cuts deep, especially when it comes from someone you trust. And no one understands this better than Cara Sinclair’s old love, now new boss, Drake Ross. Growing up, these two shared an undeniable bond until they found themselves in a fight for their lives. Twelve years later, fate cons

Tuxedo Junction

On Teens, Tuxedos, and Prom Dates   I remember the day I decided to be heterosexual so clearly. I think it was right around the same time I chose to have brown eyes and A-Positive blood. Oh, wait. That's right. I didn't choose to be heterosexual. Yet so many bigots homophobes zealots people still insist that homosexuality is a choice, like being a vegan. (I didn't choose that either.) To all of them, I ask: When did you choose not to be gay? I am going to tell you a story about my daughter, but it's OK:  I got her permission. I have written before about my daughter "the muse" who helps me with my writing, but all of my daughters are spirited, strong women who will do the right thing not because of something written in a primeval book or the fear of punishment in the Afterworld. They choose to do what they believe is right even if they might face scorn and derision from others because, frankly, they just don't care what others think. I was ins

Angels Among Us & Sacred Fires by Catherine Greenfeder

Good morning, dear readers ! I hope you will join me in welcoming fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Catherine Greenfeder to this week 's Coffee with Colette . She is joining me today to tell you about the inspiration behind her paranormal romances,  Sacred Fires and her latest release Angels Among Us ! ~Colette Hello dear readers, Thank you, Colette, for inviting me to visit on your blog. Ideas behind My Books My idea for Angels Among Us came from both my belief in angels and a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. I had been admiring the annual Christmas tree display in the Medieval exhibit when I thought I heard one of the angel ornaments ask when I would write her story. I wanted to write a sweet romance with an angel as a heroic, though not romantic, character who guarded the protagonist, a psychically gifted artist. I used my own experience with stained glass and knowledge of psychic phenomenon and psychic detective work to h

Come See What's New in Today's Romance!

Greetings! Welcome to the Cuddle Up With a Contemporary Romance Blog Hop , where you can find out all about Upcoming and New Releases from Secret Cravings Authors! PLUS, all the authors will be giving away special prizes, so be sure to visit them all! Today I am going to tell you about my upcoming Romantic Suspense Thriller Alicia's Possession !   After having both a Paranormal Regency and a Contemporary Romance published last summer, this year I am jumping into a new sub-genre. Also, this novel contains a little light bondage and mild elements of Dominance and submission, which is a complete departure for me! Alicia's Possession will be released in July, so I do hope you will check it out. I don't have a cover yet, but most of the novel is set around lakes in Louisiana - so there you have it! Now for my prize... As my new novel will not be available to give away until July, I picked out something related to the heroine Alicia. You see, she absolutely LOVES

Love and the Economy by Carolyn Gibbs

Good morning, dear readers ! This week on Coffee with Colette , fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Carolyn Gibbs has dropped by to tell you about her contemporary ro mance, Love and the Economy !  I have already read this timely novella and can give it an enthusiastic endorsement. I hope you'll check it out as well! ~Colette Hello Everyone! First, I’d like to thank Colette for hosting me on her blog. I got the idea to write my novella Love and the Economy after viewing news stories about separating couples who were caught in the housing bubble, and couldn’t sell their houses and couldn’t afford to live in two households. I thought the premise of a divorced couple, forced to live together, would make an interesting romance story. My hero Daren was struggling to build an architecture firm and taking care of his growing family. His ex-wife Andrea, a web designer, is trying to move on with her life and has just begun dating again when she learns that Daren will

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to My Muse!

I want to wish a warm and wonderful Mothers' Day to all the amazing moms out there. I hope you all have a great day.  I will be spending the day with my youngest daughter in the lovely house she just bought on a lake, and we are expecting perfect weather. Today is special for another reason as well. Many of you know my daughter Gabrielle (on the left in this photo) has been my muse, helping me every step of the way since I began this writing venture, and today is her birthday as well! Were if not for her inspiration, I never would have written All My Tomorrows (now expanded and republished as The Proud and the Prejudiced) , which not only helped me acquire a New York literary agent but also was selected a 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semi-finalist ! Because she lives in Manhattan, I cannot be with her today (although my youngest daughter and I will be visiting next month), but in her honour, I am re-posting a blog I wrote for Austen Authors last year. Happy birthda

A Talent for Loving by Virginnia de Parté

Good morning, dear readers ! This week on Coffee with Colette , fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Virginnia de Parté has dropped by (all the way from New Zealand!) to tell you about her latest futuristic ro mance, A Talent For Loving - plus an excerpt!  R eminds me of a cross between one of my favourite movie s from my childhood - Lo gan 's Run - and the TV show Fr inge , w hich of course I adored. I can't wait to delve into Virginnia's world! ~Colette About A Talent for Loving Talents come in many guises. William and Belinda, two genetically altered individuals meet years after leaving the government-rearing nursery for genetically altered infants. Their late development allowed them to escape a life devoted to the government's defence departments. If their skills are now discovered they are in danger of conscription by the government. William, whose talent is to move through space between locations in the blink of an eye, has devoted h

Pulse and Prejudice Audiobook on Cinco de Mayo Sunday - PLUS Margaritas!

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for Cinco de Mayo ! I will not be celebrating this year because I still have not recovered from last year's festivities. Am I the only one who thinks tequila makes people crazy? BUT I so make the BEST margarita anyone who has ever had it says they've ever had. To commemorate today, I am sharing my recipe on my Facebook page , so go check it out. While you're there, be sure to click "Like" so you won't miss out on other recipes, along with complaints about my soul-sucking day job and my struggle to lose weight. Oh, and I also make balloon animals. But I digress. The audiobook for Pulse and Prejudice - the adaptation of the Jane Austen Classic, which tells the story of Mr. Darcy, vampire - is now available! So for this week's Sneak Peek Sunday , I give you the option of reading this 2-minute scene or sit back, relax with your margarita, and listen to the amazing narration by Tim Campbell, who is not only an actor but al

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