The Crossroads Novels of author Shannon Winslow! #CoffeeWithColette @JaneAustenSays

Good morning, dear readers!   I am thrilled to be having this fellow Austen Variations Author  join me for Coffee again so I can get to know her even better. My guest today is the gorgeous and talented Shannon Winslow , who has not one but TWO new releases to share! (Meanwhile, my muse has been on vacation...) Of course, we share a love of all things Darcy, and I know that Shannon is an amazing writer; but can someone from Seattle really know how to make jambalaya? (Being from Southeast Louisiana, I much prefer the paella-inspired Creole jambalaya created in New Orleans over the Cajun variety, which is more like dirty rice in my opinion.) I suppose I shall have to ask her preference! Although readers have already devoured her Pride and Prejudice sequels and variations ( The Darcy's of Pemberley , Return to Longbourne , Mr. Collins' Last Supper ) and her Austen inspired novels ( For Myself Alone , and my personal favourite The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen ), now Shannon is

Yes, I'm STILL Here! #BadBlogger #AuthorAnarchy #BookingInBiloxi #Alliteration

Gentle readers~ I know I have become a terribly neglectful blogger. I have gone from posting dozens of blogs each year to only seven last year; and I think this may be only my third of 2017! What can I say? Blogging requires two items of which I am in short supply:  time and patience. If it also required money, I would have the trifecta! Yet I have not completely disappeared. For anyone in the Gulf Coast area: I will be signing books this Saturday, March 25th, at the IP Casino Resort in Biloxi with over fifty other authors - and tickets are on $5! If you are able, I hope you will come see me. I will also have my novels available as eBooks - both ePub and mobi - on flash drives with darling little book charms! I may be having a difficult time blogging, but fortunately I do know quite a few other authors; and I love to host them on my blog ( check them out here ). I hate to promote myself, although it probably doesn't seem that way; but I think writers need to stick toge

Enter to Win! Giveaway of Noir Romantic Suspense THE WIDOW Available NOW in Paperback AND eBook!

Greetings, dear readers! I have exciting news for all of you who prefer to have and to hold an actual book -book rather than a Kindle , iPad , Nook , or whatever: The intense psychological noir thriller  The Widow    is now available in paperback, in addition to all eBook formats and the gorgeous hardcover edition. For a limited time, you can order the paperback edition directly from the Southern Girl Press bookstore for only $12.99 , although it is also available at the regular price from Amazon  (coming soon to all online and "brick & mortar" booksellers). PLUS A GIVEAWAY- Leave a comment below and you could win your very own copy! The Widow is a noir romantic thriller ( What is Noir Fiction? ) with Catherine as the troubled, disillusioned, self-destructive heroine and David, the anti-hero, an undercover DEA agent, who cannot bring himself to trust Catherine nor ignore his obsession with her, which haunts his dreams. The Widow begins with a game o

Join me for Coffee with Mr Darcy's Dragon author Maria Grace

Good morning, dear readers!   I am returning to  Coffee  with a  special treat from  Maria Grace !  I have teased Maria in the past for always having some sort of critter with her -  from hummingbirds to donkeys - but now she has outdone herself, and certainly WOW-ed me, with Dragons at Pemberley!  Once again, she never ceases to amase me with each new  release. I am constantly blown away by her creativity! Just take a look.... ~Colette Mr. Darcy's Dragon As luck would have it, the humming birds I’ve written about on prior visits here with you, Colette, have morphed into something far more…interesting shall we say. Who knew fairy dragons possessed the very handy ability to masquerade as hummingbirds?  Interesting things happen when they do though… Now for something completely an entire different-- and fun! Regency England is teeming with dragons, but only a select few are actually aware they are about. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are among the elite member

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