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Darkness Falls Upon Pemberley with Susan Adriani

Good morning, dear readers!   My friend and fellow Austen Author ,  Susan Adriani , and I have been trying to get together for Coffee for weeks, but it has just been one thing after another for both of us that kept getting in the way of our sitting down for a nice chat over a nice hot cup of my New Orleans blend with chicory - or even something from the blender, like a margarita!  With me, I have had to deal with moving, and I never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to go through this again. Ever.  I told my husband we would just have to live the rest of our lives here, which shouldn't be too difficult since this move may very well kill me this week! Plus if you thought I exaggerated about the soul-sucking nature of my day job:  My boss just quit! She said SHE just couldn't take it any more because it had just gotten so bad since {the Taliban} took over the company! I am happy for her but sad - and jealous! - for myself. And who else will accept my eccentricities since I am d

Author Andrea Wilson and Wife 101

Good morning, dear readers!   Wow!  I cannot believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post! So much has been going on. First there was the Louisiana Book Festival, then this last weekend I was in Dallas for Readers and 'Ritas, and all of this while I am in the midst of moving - a full month earlier than anticipated! - and have a huge project deadline at my day job .   I have barely had a moment to take a breath!  Plus, for any of you participating in Nanowrimo: Would you believe I had the gall to try to do that as well? I have an entire plot in my head and even dreamt several beautiful scenes fully formed, but working 12-hour days without even a lunch break at my soul-sucking day job doesn't exactly allow me much brain power in the evening for anything more than drinking wine and wrapping the last sixteen years of my life in bubble-wrap! That is why I am absolutely thrilled to have A'ndrea Wilson join me for Coffee today - a voice of calm and reas

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