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Imprints - New Release from Natalie Acres

Happy Saturday, dear readers! With this being a holiday weekend, I have a special Saturday edition of Coffee with Colette! Natalie Acres has just dropped by to tell you about the hottest new release from Siren Publishing, Imprints! This book has everything: Westerns, romance, werewolves - and are those sex toys from a bygone era? They just may be! Come check it out...

Imprints - A brand new wolf-shifter series debuts today from Siren-Bookstrand and Natalie Acres:
Two pack masters discover an unyielding love in one woman by altering customs and forming new traditions destined to change the Wyoming Territory forever. Imprinting upon and sharing a lover, the Alphas realize their packs must join together, but they will face great opposition when their chosen mate is confronted with a wrenching decision. Pack masters Frank Smith and Jock Corrigan aren't enemies, but they aren't exactly friends. Still, their similar fates have been altered by an unusual union they cannot …

Desires from Holly J. Gill

Good morning, my dear readers! Here's hoping this week is proceeding more smoothly than last. Although Friday night did end on a high note for me: I signed mysecond contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for a new release this July! But that is a topic for another time.
This week on Coffee with Colette, I am joined by fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Holly Jody Gill, and with what she and Nikki Blaise have cooked up, the coffee isn't the only thing that's steaming! In fact, she has two excerpts for you—one  scorcher I've included at the end that should come with a warning: Read at your own risk! 
Desires—a place where fantasies are made flesh and dreams become real. From bondage and dominance to being a pampered pet, Desires can provide it with bells on, if that’s your kink.
Stacie Clifford’s only desire is to regain her sexual confidence after her recent escape from an abusive marriage. She joins Desires looking for re-education in the joys of her body…

Authors After Dark Spotlight Interview

I have to say, I couldn't have been more thrilled when I was offered the chance to be a Featured Author at this year's Authors After Dark Convention! I attended the event last year in New Orleans - quite convenient for me! - and had a blast, but I am so looking forward to going to Savannah this year! It's such a beautiful city, so I hope you will be able to come as well.

Recently, the lovely Sophia Rose contacted me on behalf of Delighted Reader, one of the Official Blogs for Authors After Dark, and asked to interview me for their Author Spotlight  feature about writing and researching Pulse and Prejudice and how I used deep point of view (almost too well!). I confess, sometimes it was more like being under an interrogation lamp!

You can read the complete interview here or below.

(Also - on a completely different topic - I am visiting  Sydney Aaliyah's blog for Tattoo Tuesday telling the stories behind my own ink, in case you want to check that out.)

Here is Sophia…

How Did YOU Meet Miss Jane Austen?

Last week, the incredible Marilyn Brant (who joined me for coffee a few weeks ago to tell us about her new release, Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match) asked all of her fellow Austen Authors how they were first introduced to the works of Jane Austen for a feature she was doing on Magical Musings.

If you are an Austen lover like the rest of us, how were you first introduced? Which of her novels first resonated with you? Did you first come across her in a film adaptation or the famous Colin Firth BBC production of Pride and Prejudice? Or maybe you came across her in a round about way through modern adaptations like Clueless or Bridget Jones's Diary?

Here is what I told Marilyn about my introduction to Austen:
“The oldest, meanest nun who ever lived introduced me to Austen. Unlike the other sisters at the school post-Vatican II, she still wore the traditional habit with a veil and wimple framing her shriveled face – like an old potato forgotten in the pantry. Of course I had hea…

Changing Tracks with Sarah Cass

Good morning, dear readers! I hope this week finds you all happy and highly caffeinated! This week onCoffee with Colette, I am joined by fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Sarah Cass; but I warn you, she loves to tease us with her prose and leave us hanging! She has a special knack for keeping us in suspense and wanting more. Once you begin her Dominion Falls Series, you'll be dying to get your hands on the next one!~Colette
Right Off The Cliff…Hanger
I have a sickness. 

I’m a hopeless tease.

I play with your emotions.

I leave you hanging.

For my Dominion FallsSeries – at the end of Book 1 (Changing Tracks) you are left with not one, but at least three cliffhangers. 

I wanted to leave my readers with more – including a possible tragic one – but my publisher said "No dice!" and I had to wrap up at least one of the cliffhangers.  Apparently I take my desire to leave readers wanting more just a little bit too far.  Once I realized that, I had to change the ending of…

Return to Longbourn - Pride and Prejudice Continues

Good morning, dear readers.  I hope your week has not been as hellacious as mine! Due to crazy technical snafus, I am reposting this week's Coffee with Colette because I want to be sure you don't this one!
Joining me for coffee this week is another Austen Variations Author, the lovely and talented Shannon Winslow! She empathizes with all lovers of Pride and Prejudice. Although "(h)appy for all her maternal feelings was the day on which Mrs. Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters" (I believe Miss Austen had a modifier dangling there, as I doubt "the day" had maternal feelings!), we readers, on the other hand, were not so eager to see the story end! Shannon has taken pity on us - first with her sequel The Darcys of Pemberley, and now with her newest release Return to Longbourn. I know I can't wait to go back as the Darcys' and Bennets' tale continues, and I'm sure you'll agree. So grab a cup of coffee, get an ample serving of Ba…

I STILL Haven't Adjusted to Time Change! Want Starbucks Bucks?

This week has been a nightmare. First of all, I never adjust to the time change well. Then on Monday morning - on very little sleep - I could not get into the network for my day job for over 90 minutes. I was convinced I had been fired! Having signed the authorization for a background check about 10 days before, I thought I must have failed. (Would I get unemployment for failing a background check?) Eventually, I DID get in, but as the week progressed, I wished I had been fired!

Monday was also National Napping Day! To help commemorate this important date - no doubt set to coincide with Daylight Savings Time -  I am having a contest over on my Facebook Page.  To help my fellow sleepyheads stay awake, I am giving away a $12 Gift Card to Starbucks! Please "Like" my new Author Page and leave a comment telling me the craziest place you have ever fallen asleep. Please note, due to Facebook rules, you are notrequired to "Like" my Author Page to participate, but it would…

Happy National Napping Day!

Yes, I love coffee and wine, but I also love naps! That's why I am thrilled to commemorate National Napping Day! I betit's no coincidence that it falls right after we switch to Daylight Savings Time.

To help celebrate - and stay awake! -  I am even having a contest over on my Facebook Page.  To help my fellow sleepyheads stay awake, I am giving away a $12 Gift Card to Starbucks! Please "Like" my Author Page and leave a comment telling me the craziest place you have ever fallen asleep! I will draw for a winner FRIDAY NIGHT!

Sweet dreams!

Link to Facebook Page
P.S. My craziest place: a Metallica concert. Long, boring guitar solo.
Above photo is of the inspiration for the character Amadeus in Pulse and Prejudice.

Just Desserts Delicious Blog Hop - Baked Apple Betty

Greetings and felicitations! Welcome to the Secret Cravings Publishing Just Desserts Delicious Blog Hop, with 34 authors to delight you with delectable offerings! Be sure to visit them all.

PLUS leave a comment below for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card, which you can use toward both my novels  Pulse and Prejudiceand All My Tomorrows or, in case you've already read both of those, your favourite dessert cookbook!  UPDATE:  The Winner of the Amazon Gift Card, as chosen by is Beckey from York Haven, PA.

When I signed up for this blog hop, I knew exactly what recipe I would offer: my grandmother’s famous chocolate cake. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, I have a recipe for Baked Apple Betty from my childhood. All forms of Apple Cobbler, Brown Betty, Dumplings, etc., have always been my favourite dessert after bread pudding; so it seems fitting that I would offer an apple dessert for you today. Perhaps I like this particular recipe because it is almost like an apple b…

Regina Jeffers: "I Admit It!"

Good morning!  My guest this week for Coffee with Colette is fellow Austen Author Regina Jeffers. She is one of the most popular and prolific authors of Pride and Prejudice variations I have ever met (and this JAFF fanatic is thrilled to say that I have had the pleasure of meeting her in the flesh!).  I must admit, the title of her new release - The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy - has had me worried, but she has certainly piqued my curiosity! Another one for the top of the TBR list!

I admit it! I am a historical junkie. In college, I was that girl sitting on the floor of the research area, surrounded by open books and making notes. Sometimes the information was for whatever research paper I had due. Sometimes I was on a self-imposed scavenger hunt. I would spend hours searching for nuggets of information. In those days, we went to the shelves for books. Now, with the Internet, the search is quicker, but not necessarily as accurate.

I recall as a reader of historical fiction, I …

Sneak Peek Sunday for Read an eBook Week!

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for March 3rd, 2013, which also kicks off Read an eBook Week! Hence, in the spirit of the season, I will present a tiny taste of two novels, both of which are published in all eBook formats.

Pulse and Prejudice
This first snippet is from Pulse and Prejudice, the paranormal adaptation that retells Jane Austen's classic love story from Mr. Darcy's point of view - and he is a vampire. This certainly explains his dark brooding! Pulse and Prejudice was the featured selection for the Dark Jane Austen Book Club last month, and they invited me to write a guest post - Darcy, Byron, and Vampires - describing my inspiration, in case you want to check it out. By the way, Pulse and Prejudice is a Readers' Choice, Top 5 Austen-inspired Book of 2012!

     Darcy should have despised himself for this act, for taking this stranger and feeding upon him, etiolating him; but he had long since reached the pinnacle of self-loathing. Indeed, he had chosen his qu…

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