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Misha Tagliaferro on Staying True to her Characters

Good morning, dear readers !   This week on Coffee with Colette , the gorgeous and talented Secret Cravings Publishing author  Misha Tagliaferro has dropped by to tell you about how she stays true to her characters in her two Paranormal Romances - Tara of the Fey and Thirst for Love . I just can't wait for you to hear about these two sexy thrillers! Having written a vampire novel myself (and with one in progress), you know anything that has the pulses pounding and the blood flowing will have me turning the pages! ~Colette Staying True to Your Characters One of the most common questions an author receives is, “Where do you get the ideas for your stories?” The answers to that question vary, but many people believe authors base their characters on people in their lives. While this may be true in some cases, at least to a certain extent, my characters and plots are the figment of my imagination. I write paranormal romance. The characters by their very natu

What Can I Say?

Jane Austen's Writing Environment  When I began researching and writing Pulse and Prejudice , I stopped cooking and cleaning. You see, I have what in the world of the arts is known as a “day job” (as in “Don’t quit your..."). Until I am able to live my dream of being a writer by profession, I work forty to fifty hours a week at said “day job,” the stresses of which often force me to indulge my love of wine and cheese and, on occasion, the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice . (Yes, I will watch all five hours in one sitting.) Once I jumped into the Pulse and Prejudice project, it literally (pun only slightly intended) was another full-time job. With only a finite number of hours in the day – and despite the benefits of chronic insomnia – if I were going to pursue this novel and keep our house out of foreclosure, something had to give: cooking and cleaning. We attempted to hire maid service companies to take care of the cleaning, but two different c

Coffee with SAVED BY THE MAID Author Lindsay Downs

Good morning, dear readers ! This week on Coffee with Colette , fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Lindsay Downs returns to tell you about his newest Regency Romance , Saved by the Maid !  Lindsay visited with us last summer to introduce Spy Catcher , so I know his latest release will jump to the top of my TBR list.  Check out this excerpt, and I bet you'll agree! ~Colette About Saved by the Maid The last thing Dawne Wyatt ever expected or thought would happen, she’d fall in love. To make matters worse it’s with Lady Sophia Stephens’s older brother. Torn between her heart’s desires and the dictates of society she tries to make sense of it all. When logic doesn’t work she turns to Lady Stephens for help. Guilty until proven innocent Lord Edward James Walker turns to Dawne to help prove another man in the one Bow Street should be hunting. Now he has two problems, the authorities and winning over the love of his life while keeping his. For the first he has

LIVE CHAT! Join Me for Cocktails with Sexpert Dr. Charley Ferrer

Greetings, dear readers!   UPDATE: If you missed the chat live, you can listen to the recording; but allow me to apologize in advance: I think I had had one (or two) cocktails too many, so I sound a little...insane! (At least for the 2 minutes I was able to stand listening to it before I couldn't take it anymore! Who knows? Maybe you'll enjoy listening to me make an ass out of myself.... Would you believe she's actually asked me to come BACK on February 17th?!?!? ****************************************************** Tonight, January 20th, I am back chatting with  Dr. Charley Ferrer - America's Intimacy & Sex Expert - LIVE at 9:00 EST! Dr. Charley is a world renowned Clinical Sexologist and Sex Therapist, as well as the award winning author of over thirteen books on self-empowerment, women’s sexuality, and BDSM . Her upcoming books include 30 Shades of Kink and Sexploring:  30-Days to a Better Sex Life . Last m

Cocktails with FELT LEFT OUT Director Gabrielle-Renée

Good evening, dear readers!   As my Facebook followers know, Tuesday night is PUB NIGHT; however, tonight the "pub" will be my balcony! Since I'm staying in this evening, I have a special Tuesday edition of  Cocktails with Colette , with an extra-special guest. Tonight I am thrilled to introduce you to a talented actress, playwright, and now Director . She also happens to be an amazing muse !  Please raise your glass to Gabrielle-Renée , who is here to tell you about how she became involved in her latest project, the play she will be directing next month at the Strawberry Theatre Festival in New York, Felt Left Out . Also, you can check out the behind-the-scenes video diary here .  As anyone who has seen The Producers knows, plays need backers! So if you have ever "felt left out," perhaps you would be willing to show your support. ~Colette F elt Left Out is a dramatic parody written by my good friend and fellow actor Brett Crandall. In it, th

The End of My Season Means More Time for Writing

Well, the NFL season ended for me yesterday with the loss of my beloved New Orleans Saints. They were shut out in the first half, so I made a plea (or perhaps a bribe) on my Facebook page to get everyone to cheer for them - kind of like in Peter Pan when all the children are asked to clap to save Tinkerbell - and it was working! The Saints came back and had a chance to tie the game - twice! - but in the end, they couldn't hold on. (Due to a bet with my husband, I will now be doing all the dishes for a week. The highlights of the season: The Saints won their first playoff game on the road in team history! They did not have a single loss at home (There's no place like Dome!). PLUS my Fantasy Football team won our league Superbowl! (And I had to beat my ex-husband TWICE to do it!) So I have a END OF THE SAINTS SEASON SPECIAL OFFER for the first 500 to accept it: 50% OFF the PAPERBACK editions of Alicia's Possession and All My Tomorrows . Click here to see the spec

Whatcha Waiting For? So Many Special Offers-So Little Time! eBooks 50 to 70 Percent Off!

Happy Friday, everyone!     I hope you have a lovely weekend of fun and football, relaxation and READING!    UPDATE: I now have special offers for 50% off on the PAPERBACK editions of Alicia's Possession and All My tomorrows, and the 99 ¢ sale for the eBook of All My Tomorrows is extended through Monday. Check it out by clicking here. To help you with the latter, you can get eBooks of my novels at Special Discounts this weekend! If you already have all my books, please feel free to share with your friends and neighbors... From now through Monday, January 13th, you can get 50% Off All eBook Formats at the Secret Cravings Store! Use Coupon Code " Sale50 " to get HALF OFF on ALL eBook formats of Pulse & Prejudice - the paranormal adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that tells the story of Mr. Darcy, vampire!  PLUS Use Coupon Code " Sale50 " to get HALF OFF on ALL eBook formats of the highly-acclaimed romantic suspense Alicia's Posses

Janeites Rejoice with Unprecedented 99 cent sale!

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Love and Death in the Tower with M S Spencer!

Good morning, dear readers!  And Happy New Year!  I hope 2014 is treating you well so far. Fans of my Facebook Page (you can Like it here ) know that despite ringing in the new year with a horrible cold and then falling flat on my face - busting my nose and giving myself two black eyes (and I don't mean black-eyed peas!) - 2014 is off to a good start: The Saints won their FIRST playoff game on the road in team history! (Now my husband has to do the dishes for a week since he lost our bet.) All My Tomorrows was named "2013 Favorite Modern Adaptation" by Austenesque Reviews. AND my Fantasy Football team won the league Superbowl!!! To share in this good fortune, tomorrow, January 8th, I will have a very special offer for all my Followers on Facebook , and I know you won't want to miss the announcement for this unprecedented limited-time special offer! Continuing with this positive beginning, it is only appropriate that my first Coffee caller of the yea

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