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Trusting Patience with Jennifer Simpkins

Good morning, dear readers ! Do you have your coffee ready? Before I introduce my guest for today, if you were participating in the Love Stories from Long Ago Blog Hop giveaway , the winners have been announced . If you didn't win, now don't you fret! You can still acquire Pulse and Prejudice in print, ebook, and audiobook!   This week on Coffee with Colette , the gorgeous and talented Secret Cravings Publishing author Jennifer Simpkins has dropped by to tell you about the latest installment in her Patience Series !  Now this is kind of a change for me because I was a guest on her blog just last week (except she made me answer some rather tough questions....). Well, she has far more patience than I do, and she has this wonderful series to prove it! I just can't wait for you to hear about it! (See? I told you I don't have any patience!) Anything that includes a scorching hot kiss will have me turning the pages! ~Colette I first want to thank my fell

Tantalizing Talks! Summer Edition with Stephanie Judice

Good morning, dear readers! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  If you haven't already entered for the giveaways for the Love Stories from Long Ago blog hop, the winners will be selected Monday night for the eBook and Audiobook of Pulse and Prejudice , so you still have a few more hours to leave a comment! When Stephanie contacted me after reading Alicia's Possession and asked me to participate in her Tantalizing Talks , of course I agreed.  I mean, come on!  Look how sweet and innocent she looks! Little did I know this would be one of the most challenging interviews I would face this summer!  Seriously - If my heroine were ice cream, what flavor would she be???  Challenging, yes, but also a lot of fun!  I hope you will agree. ~Colette Welcome, readers! Today, we have the fabulous Colette Saucier with her newest novel, Alicia’s Possession. Let me say first that I am not your typical suspense/romance reader. But, Alicia’s Possession has opened me up to a wh

Love Stories from Long Ago Blog Hop

Greetings! Welcome to Love Stories from Long Ago Secret Cravings Historical Romance Blog Hop ! Yes, I know Pulse and Prejudice - the vampire adaptation of the Jane Austen Classic - is a Paranormal Romance, but it is also a Regency Romance; and I went to the ends to the Earth (well, OK, England) to preserve the historical accuracy and to maintain the language and style of the time, all to ensure the complete eradication of anachronisms. The Prize: Because this is a Blog Hop, of course I have giveaways! Pulse and Prejudice recently came out in Audiobook , and you can listen to the audio sample just there on the upper right. Do you see it? (Although the sample doesn't do justice to the narrator's range - he is amazing in the scenes with the prostitute and the dwarf!) Hence, I will be giving away a  FREE AUDIOBOOK   PLUS a FREE PERSONALIZED EBOOK to two lucky winners who leaves a comment below .  (Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you when you win.)

What Does Jennifer Simpkins Want to Know?

Greetings, dear readers! The lovely romance author Jennifer Simpkins asked if I would agree to an interview for her blog this week, and I just couldn't say no - especially as she is joining me for Coffee on Tuesday! So do you want to know what she asked me? I'll give you a tiny morsel, then you can continue reading. And be sure to stop by on Tuesday when she visit me! ~Colette Interview with Colette Saucier   Today I have the very talented Colette Saucier here to answer a few questions and tell us all about her books. Jennifer: What genre do you write? Is there another genre you want to dabble in sometime in the future? Colette: I have been breaking the cardinal rule for authors by not sticking with one genre, or at least sub-genre. So far, I’ve published a Paranormal Regency Romance – Pulse and Prejudice – a Contemporary Romance – All My Tomorrows – and now with my new release Alicia’s Possession , a Romantic Suspense with (very) light bondage and mil

Bound By Blood: Shane KP O’Neill and The Dracula Chronicles

Good evening, dear readers!   Thank you for joining me for my Happy Hour feature, Cocktails with Colette , which I will have on Thursday evenings occasionally to introduce you to my friends who write in genres other than romance. So grab those martini shakers (remember - just a gentle shake) as I introduce our guest. Tonight Shane KP O’Neill, author of The Dracula Chronicles , visits all the way from NORWAY! As someone who cannot bear snow, I find the thought of living someplace so cold quite vexing, especially when he is originally from Ireland ! (As many of you may recall, I am kelly-green with envy that my daughter will be spending the entire month of August in Ireland.<<grumble-grumble>>This after spending last August in Scotland!) Although Shane and I  have both written vampire novels, they could not be more different. Whereas I have written in the Paranormal Romance genre, Shane's Dracula Chronicles get our hearts racing for a completely different reaso

Spy Catcher - Upcoming Regency Romance by Lindsay Downs

Good morning, dear readers ! This week on Coffee with Colette , fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Lindsay Downs has dropped by to tell you about the upcoming Regency Romance , Spy Catcher !  I can hardly wait until July 30th so I can get my hands on this one - and I know you're going to want to mark your calendars as well! At least Lindsay was kind enough to give us a sneak peek.... ~Colette       All her life Debbi was raised and trained to be a lady’s maid for the daughter of The Duke of Carlisle, Lady Aleece Taylor. Never in her one and twenty years did she question why this happened, until one fateful day.       Spy Catcher , a Regency romance, is releasing on July 30 from Secret Cravings Publishing. About Spy Catcher While acting as chaperone to Lady Aleece at a house party, little does lady’s maid Debbi realize how her life will change. Not prepared to fall in love nor see a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, Debbi’s world begins t

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