How Did a Nice Girl Like You Write a Book Like This?

Good morning, dear readers! Today I had the honor of being invited to write a guest post for Destiny Blaine's blog, and she requested that I talk about the inspiration for Alicia's Possession - the story behind the story - which, as this novel not only took me into the genre of Romantic Suspense but also added a bit more sexual spice, seemed apropos! Enjoy~

Destiny Blaine's Spotlight on Alicia’s Possession 

I'm pleased to introduce my next guest. Bestselling author Colette Saucier stopped by today to tell us about her latest Secret Cravings Publishing title, Alicia's Possession. Colette gives us a look behind the scenes in her entertaining article: How Did a Nice Girl Like You Write a Book Like This? 

How Did a Nice Girl Like You Write a Book Like This?
A funny story really.  It all started when I had to be on disability for ten weeks. That's right, I'm going to blame my health. I had always said I would never write a novel I wouldn't want my mother-in-law to read, and now I end up adding her name to the "Don't share this with" settings every time I mention Alicia’s Possession on Facebook!


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