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The Darcy Brothers with Susan Mason-Milks

Good morning, dear readers!   I  know, it has been a looooong time since I have had a new post here on "Writing and Ramblings." For those of you who follow my Facebook Page , you know that I have had to take a step back from social media because of mental and physical exhaustion, a soul-sucking day job, trying to sell my house, and in general just being overwhelmed by this thing called life. So I guess that's my "ramblings." On the "writings" side, in addition to working on three novels, I am also preparing to go to The Novel Experience Event this weekend in Atlanta with a huge FREE booksigning on Saturday, March 29th, with 300 authors! So if you are in the area, I hope you'll come say hi! In any case, recently I have been a very bad blogger. Fortunately, I have many lovely  friends who are willing to stop by for Coffee ! Today, I am excited to have fellow Austen Variations Author   Susan Mason-Milks joining me for Coffee again. Susan

Celebrate Your Name Week with A.J. Best & a FREE Romance!

Good morning, dear readers !   Do you have a unique name? Have you ever given someone a unique name? This is "Celebrate Your Name" week, and today I am joined for Coffee by fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author A.J. Best . She has dropped by to tell you about how she chose the not-so-unique names in her heart-wrenching romance , Forgiveness . (I understand that: I named the two main characters in All My Tomorrows "Alice" and "Peter" - Well, actually my husband did!)  Plus A.J. has her novella available for you for FREE this week! Now that's a way to celebrate, and I know you won't want to miss it - you would never be able to forgive yourself! ~Colette This week is celebrate your name week. Today specifically is Unique Names Day. Which got me to thinking about the names in my book Forgiveness . There really isn't anything unique about these names, so why did I pick them? Our beloved though a little neurotic heroine

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