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PULSE AND PREJUDICE in Oct 31st Entertainment Weekly! Read Vampire Darcy for Halloween!

Gentle Readers, I cannot deny that I am thrilled that the appearance in the October 31st edition of Entertainment Weekly has generated new interest in this award-winning paranormal adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ! I am so excited that new readers are discovering Mr. Darcy's story, written as though Jane Austen herself had always conceived the dark and brooding character as a vampire . Although the trailer for Pulse and Prejudice was featured on , this is the first time (as far as I know) that it has appeared in the national print media, exposing the tale of the cursed Vampire Darcy to a whole new audience two years after publication! Pulse and Prejudice is available in eBook, print, and audiobook ; and right now, ALL eBook formats are on sale for $3.99! ( Click here to find it. )  Also, for anyone in the Southeast Louisiana area, I will be signing copies of it and all my novels at the Louisiana Book Festival tomorrow, Saturday November 1st, along with fell

Cover Reveal of DEADLINE Scarlet Hawthorne's NEW Romantic Suspense for Pre-Order PLUS Giveaway!

Good morning, dear readers! I am excited to have Scarlet Hawthorne joining me for Coffee today! For anyone in the Louisiana area, be sure to come to the 11th Annual Louisiana Book Festival this Saturday, November 1st, in Downtown Baton Rouge on the grounds of the new State Capitol. I will be signing my books along with Scarlet, as well as fellow suspense author George Sanchez . Scarlet is launching her new novel Deadline on Saturday, in conjunction with the festival, and to whet your appetite, she has dropped by with Becky & Josie from Hot Tree Promotions , for the big Cover Reveal! Wow - What do you think? PLUS Scarlet is offering a giveaway to 3 lucky readers for a signed paperback. For all you eBook readers, you can actually PRE-ORDER this spicy romantic suspense for only $2.99! Once you read this synopsis, I know you won't want to wait!                                      ~Colette Title: Deadline Author: Scarlet Hawthorne Release Date: November 1, 2

It's a Miracle! Dieting Sucks, but what about noodles with no calories, carbs, fat...or taste?

Greetings, dear readers! Yes, I know, it's a miracle that I am actually posting a blog! I cannot even tell you how busy the last few weeks have been. Between working 50+ hours a week at my day job, finishing up a manuscript, going to reader/author events, I have had to cut back on my social media. In fact, I am even <gasp!> missing the Saints game to get more author-y work done. Now as any of you who follow my little mini-blog on Facebook know, I am back to dieting. Again. That's the problem with doing a book tour -- food and alcohol! (At least when I'm home, I try to stick with the alcohol - in fact, I lost 26 pounds on my wine & cheese diet !) Alas, my husband cannot survive on wine & cheese alone, and he needs to lose a - ahem - few pounds himself. In fact, when he stepped on the scale, he was so distraught by how much weight he had to lose that I change the measurement to STONE so the number wouldn't be so big. Then he said, "Oh, so I only h

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