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Mr Darcy's Addiction ~ Excerpt from PULSE AND PREJUDICE for My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! The theme this week: My Sexy Addiction "Our theme is My Sexy Addiction. It’s an open theme in that we’re not going to say when or how or where. We are going to say – just one thing and that’s about the song – Addicted to Love. You remember it…don’t you? How about the line ‘You might as well face it you’re addicted to love’? And doesn’t that just say it all about us here at My Sexy Saturday?" As promised last week , today I am sharing another scene from Pulse and Prejudice , the paranormal adaptation of the Austen classic which tells Mr. Darcy's story as a vampire. The problem I have had with the theme "My Sexy Addiction" has been selecting just one scene since most of the novel deals with Mr. Darcy's struggle with his attraction to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Tormented by his curse, he believes he is drawn to her because of the blood that runs through her veins, not because she has touched his heart. I finally settled on

One Sexy Night ~ Excerpt from PULSE AND PREJUDICE: The confession of Mr Darcy, Vampire

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! The theme this week: One Sexy Night "Have you ever heard of a moment in time, day or night, that changes everything? That one sexy night can right all life’s wrongs, make the old new again and help our characters find the love of their lives. For this week’s theme, we are making that special moment happen during the night time. One sexy night that will have our characters wanting a lifetime of special moments with that extraordinary someone. It is during that time when sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, we realize the life we knew before that moment no longer exists. We can no longer look at things the same way as before." I know lately I have been posting a lot of excerpt from my modern tale of Pride & Prejudice - The Proud and the Prejudiced - but the theme this week begged for a creature of the night! ( Why Mr. Darcy is the Perfect Vampire .) Hence, today I am sharing one of my favourite scenes from Pulse and Prejudice , the

Is Mr. Darcy the Ultimate Book Boyfriend?

Happy St. Valentine's Day, dear readers! Before I address the title of this post, there is a question that continues to pop up: What explains the lasting longevity and popularity of Pride and Prejudice , over 200 years after its release? Is it the Cinderella-like idea of a (relatively) impoverished girl being rescued by a wealthy and handsome suitor? Is it because its plot became the boilerplate for almost every romance novel or film that followed? (Boy meets girl. Boy and girl dislike each other. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy back. Conflict separates them. Boy and girl are reunited. Happily ever after.)   Or is it the endearing and unforgettable performance by Colin Firth in the 1995 BBC miniseries? So tell me: Do you think Mr. Darcy is the ultimate book boyfriend?  My answer? An unequivocal NO. (Now despise me if you dare.) Not a popular answer, I know; but that's just me! For one thing, he is barely even in the novel; and when he is, he has little to recomme

My Sexy Date ~ Excerpt from THE PROUD AND THE PREJUDICED for My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! This week’s theme is My Sexy Date . "Not every couple falls in love at first sight. Sure, many do know the moment they see someone but what about those who don’t. They go on dates. Sometimes lots of dates. Sometimes not enough dates. Hopefully there is at least one they can consider a sexy date. The type where fireworks goes off from the moment they are picked up." I hope you will enjoy this little snippet from The Proud and the Prejudiced . In this modern twist on Pride and Prejudice , it took Alice and Peter a long time to get to this point, but they finally make it to going on a casual "double date" dinner with their friends Eileen and Jack - or at least it starts that way... “I hope you aren’t still holding a grudge,” Alice said. Peter peered into her eyes until she thought her heart had stopped beating. “No. You were right. I don’t hold any grudges...about anything.” Alice couldn’t be sure what happened in the

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