My Sexy Date ~ Excerpt from THE PROUD AND THE PREJUDICED for My Sexy Saturday
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This week’s theme is My Sexy Date.

"Not every couple falls in love at first sight. Sure, many do know the moment they see someone but what about those who don’t. They go on dates. Sometimes lots of dates. Sometimes not enough dates. Hopefully there is at least one they can consider a sexy date. The type where fireworks goes off from the moment they are picked up."

I hope you will enjoy this little snippet from The Proud and the Prejudiced. In this modern twist on Pride and Prejudice, it took Alice and Peter a long time to get to this point, but they finally make it to going on a casual "double date" dinner with their friends Eileen and Jack - or at least it starts that way...

“I hope you aren’t still holding a grudge,” Alice said.
Peter peered into her eyes until she thought her heart had stopped beating. “No. You were right. I don’t hold any grudges...about anything.”
Alice couldn’t be sure what happened in the moments she and Peter sat staring at each other, but she imagined some sort of sign language passed between Eileen and Jack since they were simultaneously overcome by exhaustion. “I am really wiped out after the flight up here,” Jack said with a dramatic yawn. An hour flight?
“Yeah,” said Eileen, going to all these wineries has worn me out. I think I’m going to have to call it a night.”
Clearly alarmed, Peter looked back and forth from Eileen to Alice. “But you can’t go yet. We just opened this bottle of wine!” Alice sat frozen with her mouth slightly open, not comprehending the conversation around her.
“No, I’m sorry, Peter, I’m just beat,” Jack said standing up from the table, “but I don’t want to spoil the evening for everyone. You stay and enjoy the wine.”
Then Eileen pushed her chair back. “Jack, I can give you a ride. Peter, you don’t mind bringing Alice back to her cottage. Do you?” Peter had barely shaken his head before the pair disappeared into the night, leaving Alice still unsure of what had just happened.
“For being so exhausted,” she said, “they sure ran out of here.”
“Do…do you want me to take you to your room? If you’re uncomfortable...”
“Are you kidding? We have a bottle of Bordeaux to drink.” She smiled, but he did not smile back. “Unless you feel uncomfortable.”
“Alice, I can honestly say there is no place in the world I would rather be right at this moment.” She wasn’t sure if she was about to implode or melt or both. His words gripped her chest so tightly she lost her breath.

The Proud and the Prejudiced: A Modern Twist on Pride & Prejudice

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