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Witch's Touch with Tabitha Shay

Good morning, dear readers ! Can you believe it already (almost) May??? Where is this year going? Soon we will need to switch to ICE coffee (or my personal favorite, a Mochasippi from CC's Coffee House).  This week on Coffee with Colette , fellow paranormal author Tabitha Shay is here t o tell you about her latest hot new paranormal ro mance, but whereas I write about vampires, she writes about witches! She knows how to catch my interest! One of my favorite films is Practical Magic , and I have been enthralled by witches since I was a kid, from The Wizard of Oz to Witchipoo on H.R. Pufnstuf - but they have nothing on the Winslow witches... Do you like witches? You've never seen witches like this before! Wait until you read Witch's Touch - Book SIX in her "Winslow Witches of Salem" series. Where does she find the time? I think she must have a touch of witchcraft herself! PLUS - leave a comment with your email below and YOU could win your own cop

Erotic, Erotica, or Erotic Romance? Marla Monroe Explains

Good morning, dear readers!   Those of you - and I am certain that means ALL of you - who read Pulse and Prejudice , might have been startled to find the words "Erotic Romance" on the title page. I know I was! I had thought the two scenes of sensuality at the end of the book were rather tame. That it was thus labeled became a running joke in our household. Hell, my daughter proofed it for me, and my mother-in-law's book group even read it. In fact, those two little words almost prevented my from being accepted by the Austen Authors! That is, until the actually read the so-called "erotic" scenes. (By the way, Alicia's Possession IS an erotic romance, mystery-suspense, in the off-chance you haven't read it. All My Tomorrows and my current work in progress - The Widow - are safe for MIL consumption!) I am absolutely delighted to have Marla Monroe here today, not only because she is a sizzling hot, fabulous author, but also because she discusse

Are YOU a Darcy-holic? Monica Fairview Confesses her Addiction

Good morning, dear readers!   I confess, I have been a very bad blogger of late. I really am trying to finish writing my new novel. Really!  That's why I was thrilled when fellow Austen Variation Author   Monica Fairview accepted my invitation to return for Coffee to share this fun and hilarious interview from Darcyholic Times - LOL! You might recall Monica stopped by in October to discuss Pride and Prejudice 's (or PULSE and Prejudice 's!) "Mr Darcy as a Type," as well as to introduce her new release Steampunk Darcy - which if you haven't read by now, stop everything and grab it!  Now she has returned to confess her struggles with Darcyholicism. Of course, aren't we all Darcyholics? So as with any 12-step meeting, grab your cup of coffee and join me in saying, "Hi, Monica!" ~Colette Darcyholics Anonymous   This interview is reprinted from the Darcyholic Times: A Magazine issued by the DARCY Program . The owner of this

Forget the Tortoise and the Hare - Turtles are FAST!

Not to state the obvious, but turtles are wild! Either that, or my life has become really boring. Last fall we moved to a new home on a lake. Several times a day, we take the dogs for a walk around the lake and have watched the passage of seasons (Yes, we actually had seasons this year - although generally they changed from day to day). Autumn gave way to winter - and we actually had snow! - and now with spring we enjoy the verdant landscape. In addition to the changes we have seen on the grass and trees, we have watched the arrival and departure of wildlife. We consistently have egrets, which are a source of constant fascination to my dog, who always wants to introduce himself. (One time he got away from me, chasing after an egret, and I thought he was going to end up in the lake trying to fly after it!) In the fall, a flock of geese stayed for several days, and occasionally ducks stop by for a visit.  The arrival of spring has brought with it a team of turtles, as our

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