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Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers! Can you believe it already (almost) May??? Where is this year going? Soon we will need to switch to ICE coffee (or my personal favorite, a Mochasippi from CC's Coffee House). 
This week on Coffee with Colette, fellow paranormal author Tabitha Shay is here to tell you about her latest hot new paranormal romance, but whereas I write about vampires, she writes about witches! She knows how to catch my interest! One of my favorite films is Practical Magic, and I have been enthralled by witches since I was a kid, from The Wizard of Oz to Witchipoo on H.R. Pufnstuf - but they have nothing on the Winslow witches...
Do you like witches? You've never seen witches like this before!
Wait until you read Witch's Touch - Book SIX in her "Winslow Witches of Salem" series. Where does she find the time? I think she must have a touch of witchcraft herself!
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About Witch's Touch

Death takes an unscheduled holiday…
Giver of Life—Nyra Winters has two abilities that no witch before her has ever possessed—the power to heal and restore life. However, her constant interference in Death’s plans makes her a target of the angry god, King Titan, ruler of the Underworld.
Seeker of Death—Dym Satarius, Prince of Death, is sent to the magical realm of Ru-Noc to collect Nyra Winters. Devoid of all emotion, Dym believes this assignment will be no different than any other—collect the witch’s soul and return to hell—job done—but something goes terribly wrong and he is stranded in Nyra’s world without his powers or the ability to return to his realm.

Injured and marooned in a realm he doesn’t understand, Dym desperately needs a stroke of magic from the one person who has every reason to hate and fear him…

Excerpt from Witch's Touch

“No,” she said, hastening to her feet and halting his fingers on the top button. “I want to do it.” When he lifted a brow, she worked her fingers beneath his.
“What? You aren’t using magic to remove my clothes?”
“I want to undress you. I have this fantasy, you see, of unwrapping my present layer by layer.”
A second brow arched. “Do go on,” he said in a choked voice and dropped his hands to his sides. “I’d love to join you in this fantasy.”
Nyra licked her lips and slowly worked the top button through the hole. Her fingers trembled, but she didn’t care. She’d waited years for this moment with the right male. Nothing was ruining it for her.
She moved to button number two. He flinched when her fingertips brushed against his warm flesh.
D.J. shifted his weight and growled his impatience. “If it’s your intent to torture me, witch, you’re succeeding beyond all your expectations.”
She hesitated but a second, then rubbed her lips across his chest. “Join me in this sweet torture?” she said, peeping up at him through her lashes.
“Gladly.” He curled his fingers into the left side of her waist before skimming them up to the front bra clasp. Working the hook free, he slid the straps of the mint green material down her shoulders, her arms, and let it glide to the floor in a silken pool. Her panties quickly followed.
Her nipples rubbed against his bare chest. From the back of his throat, a soft groan escaped. He palmed her breasts, stroking the nubs with his thumbs until they grew tight and rigid. “I don’t think you realize what you do to me, witch.”
“What do I do?” She searched his face, his eyes for answers. Oh the words she yearned for him to say, but she knew he wouldn’t. She accepted that.
Color stained his cheekbones. His chest rose and fell with each erratic breath.
“You steal my breath,” he whispered. “All I have to do is look at you, and I…I feel as if I’m drowning.”
“You do the same thing to me.” Nyra pushed his shirt off his shoulders and let it slide down his arms. It drifted to the floor, landing silently on top of her discarded bra. Running her hands over his chest, she paused to tease one of his flat brown nipples with her tongue. His body quivered beneath the light wet strokes.
Drawing a sharp breath, he slowly exhaled, but said nothing, just watched her as she leaned into him. Settling on her knees in front of him, Nyra teasingly drew her tongue down the soft arrow of dark hair, hesitating at the waistline of his leather pants.
“By the gods, don’t stop now,” D.J. said, moaning.

Available now from Amazon and the Secret Cravings Store.

About the Author

Tabitha Shay, author of paranormal romances, Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Heart, Witch‘s Moon, Witch’s Magic, Witch’s Fire, and Witch’s Touch.
A member of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc., she has served as both a category chair and judge. Her books have been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious P.E.A.R.L. Award for Witch’s Magic and Witch’s Moon, which was also nominated for Best All Around Paranormal in 2008. Witch’s Fire won Runner Up for Best Paranormal Book of 2010 at LRC. Her latest release is a paranormal historical titled, Send Him an Angel, book one in the Angels of Deadwood Gulch Series.
Ms. Shay also writes under the name, Jaydyn Chelcee, and is the author of the best selling, contemporary western romances, Montana Men Series, In the Arms of Danger, No Holds Barred, Too Hot to Handle/Too Close to the Fire, Playing for Keeps, and Wild.
Coming in 2014, Darkest Angel, book 2 in the Angels of Deadwood Gulch Series.


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  2. Great excerpt, Tabitha! I enjoy your books and look forward to reading this one:)

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  3. Love the excerpt Tabitha! Now I can't wait to read the rest of the book! Have a great day! :-)

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