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Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers! For any of you who do not follow my Facebook author page, first of all, shame on you (How will you ever find out if I lose that last 15 pounds or my soul-sucking day job?); and secondly, you don't know that we came dangerously close to missing out on Coffee with Colette this week because of a major  laptop meltdown - and I do not do well without my coffee! Fortunately, it seems to be humming along smoothly now, which is lucky for us all because fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Holly Jody Gill is back to tell you about the second volume in her Desires series, Touching Angel's Desires!  You might recall that Holly was here back in March introducing Volume One: Desires, so if you missed that or just want to refresh your memory, check it out here. Then as now, Holly has included two excerpts for you: one for all ages and another that you better get yourself a glass of ice coffee before reading! I know you will enjoy! Let's hope she comes back with Volume Three....

Hello, and thank you, Colette, for having me. So great to be back!

I would like to introduce my latest release with Nikki Blaise and Secret Cravings Publishing - Touching Angel's Desires, the second book in the Desires series, and coming very soon Desires Secrets.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a wife to Nigel for 20 years and have three great kids and live in UK. I love writing erotic/erotica romantic novels in my spare time around the day job, and enjoy spending time with the family, visiting friends, reading, listening to music and enjoy visiting stately homes and castles.

About Touching Angel's Desires

Angel’s life was one, big, long, dream come true. Young, beautiful, sexy, and in charge of Desires—the best sex club in the country. An entire staff of delicious men and delectable women was at her beck and call, ready to indulge her every carnal whim.

When vulnerable abuse survivor Stacie Clifford tentatively approached Desires for help getting her sexual confidence back, Angel had no qualms about assigning her secret favourite Dan McVeigh as her tutor. Gentle and sweet, Dan was just what Stacie needed.

Angel hadn’t realized just how powerful her suppressed feelings for Dan were until she noticed Dan and Stacie were getting on a little too well. Despite Dan’s insistence that all was strictly professional, maybe it was time to persuade Stacie that Desires was not for her. Just how far
would Angel go to keep Dan to herself?
Now Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. Plus Volume One Desires is also available in both eBook and Print from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Clean Excerpt

“Hello. You must be Stacie?” Angel said. She watched the woman gulp and nod her head.
“Lovely, I’m Angel. May I have your questionnaire and then, if you’d like to follow me, we can have a little chat somewhere more private.” She held out her hand and Stacie gave her the clipboard.
Angel walked to the reception desk. Bailey looked up as she approached.
“Is that Stacie Clifford?” she asked quietly.
“Yes, why?”
“The one you told me had no self confidence?” she said, needing to double check.
“Yes. Angel, is something the matter?” Bailey asked, a puzzled look on her face. Angel glanced back at Stacie rising from the couch looking anxious, straightening her clothes. She could hardly believe what a stunning girl she was.
Stacie had long glossy hair the colour of the finest plain chocolate—radiant, if worried, brown eyes and a slender figure that was hidden in a dowdy suit…but, looking past the frumpy outfit, she was beautiful.
“Could you sort us out some white wine…I might need it,” she told Bailey.
“Of course.”
Angel took the lead down the corridor, checking Stacie was following her. She noticed her staring wide-eyed at the raunchy paintings of voluptuous dominatrices and their ecstatic victims.
They approached her office. “Come in, please. Take a seat,” Angel said, holding the door open for Stacie to follow her through. She had a lump in her throat, staring at the beautiful woman. She was already regretting assigning Dan to her.

Adult Excerpt (Read at your own risk)

Both hands went between her legs next, the fingers of one rubbing desperately over her clit, while she rammed the others inside her, hard at first to relieve the initial desperate need, then gentler, mimicking the actions of a lover. She pulled out and ran her fingers over her own inner thighs, tickling and teasing the skin before moving up to caress her labia, trying to bring back the feelings Dan had aroused in her the previous night. The memory of him seducing her sent ripples of arousal through her, sending her halfway to heaven just from the thought of him taking control, doing all the leading. She remembered how he teased her clitoris with his tongue—she slicked her finger, trying to mimic the feel of a tongue.
What Dan had done to her was so very different to anything she had experienced before. Normally, she took charge, making damned sure she got her orgasm in, her way, before ‘allowing’ the guy to finish himself off. Dan had showed her what true love-making was all about—a partnership—a sharing of pleasures, making sure both participants were fulfilled. And, God help her, she wanted more of it. She circled her fingers over her sensitive folds of flesh, craving, yearning to have him. Have him toying with her, giving her pleasure. In her mind, fantasy Dan came behind her, slipping his hands over her shoulders, cupping her breasts. She put up her hands to touch her own breasts, barely believing the shudder of arousal as she touched herself.
“Dan,” she breathed, wishing he were there. She squeezed her breasts, pinching the nipples into arousal.
Vibrating with frustration, Angel couldn’t wait any longer. She needed to come. She pulled open her bottom desk drawer and reached inside, bringing out her rampant rabbit wave. She positioned herself comfortably in her chair, hooking one leg over the arm, and extending the other under the desk. She reached behind her, bracing herself on the back of the chair before sliding the vibrator inside her quivering vagina. She positioned the rabbit ears then turned it on.
Angel instantly screamed with pleasure as the ears teased her clit while the waves rippled within her. She manipulated the position of the ears, teasing her clitoris, her nerve endings going crazy. She lifted both feet and placed them wide apart on the desk, shoving the rabbit in as far as it would go, closing her eyes and lying back to let the sensations thrill through her. She let herself scream with abandon, about to erupt, feeling it coming.
A loud pounding on her office door interrupted her. She cursed, ignoring it—her orgasm was more important. She hoped they would go away soon—she had totally lost her concentration.
To her horror, the door swung open. Before she could do anything to hide her state, Angel saw Shannon poking her head around the door. Angel quickly sat up, yanking out the rabbit and pulling up her dress, but it was clear Shannon had seen her.
      “Angel, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you, but you pressed the panic button.”

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