What Does Jennifer Simpkins Want to Know?

Greetings, dear readers! The lovely romance author Jennifer Simpkins asked if I would agree to an interview for her blog this week, and I just couldn't say no - especially as she is joining me for Coffee on Tuesday!

So do you want to know what she asked me? I'll give you a tiny morsel, then you can continue reading. And be sure to stop by on Tuesday when she visit me!

Picture Today I have the very talented Colette Saucier here to answer a few questions and tell us all about her books.

Jennifer: What genre do you write? Is there another genre you want to dabble in sometime in the future?

Colette: I have been breaking the cardinal rule for authors by not sticking with one genre, or at least sub-genre. So far, I’ve published a Paranormal Regency Romance – Pulse and Prejudice – a Contemporary Romance – All My Tomorrows – and now with my new release Alicia’s Possession, a Romantic Suspense with (very) light bondage and mild Dominance and submission. Currently I am working on another Romantic Suspense entitled The Widow, as well as a sequel to Pulse and PrejudiceDearest Bloodiest Elizabeth – so I am still jumping genres. I can only write what comes to mind!

Eventually, I would like to write in genres outside of romance as well, such as literary and metaphysical fiction. I want to write about authentic lives and realistic characters, and they do not always end in Happily Ever After.

Jennifer: Do you remember a specific time when you wanted to be a writer, or have you always known?

Colette: The first story I remember writing was when I was eight, and by junior high, I had begun writing romantic novellas – although they rarely had a happy ending! – that were being passed around among my classmates. Even then, I gravitated to Romantic Suspense. Still, I never considered writing as a career until the last few years.

Jennifer: Which one of your heroines are more like you? Such as looks, hobbies, the type of guy they’re interested in, etc.       Continue reading........


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