The End of My Season Means More Time for Writing

Well, the NFL season ended for me yesterday with the loss of my beloved New Orleans Saints. They were shut out in the first half, so I made a plea (or perhaps a bribe) on my Facebook page to get everyone to cheer for them - kind of like in Peter Pan when all the children are asked to clap to save Tinkerbell - and it was working! The Saints came back and had a chance to tie the game - twice! - but in the end, they couldn't hold on. (Due to a bet with my husband, I will now be doing all the dishes for a week.

The highlights of the season: The Saints won their first playoff game on the road in team history! They did not have a single loss at home (There's no place like Dome!). PLUS my Fantasy Football team won our league Superbowl! (And I had to beat my ex-husband TWICE to do it!)

So I have a END OF THE SAINTS SEASON SPECIAL OFFER for the first 500 to accept it: 50% OFF the PAPERBACK editions of Alicia's Possession and All My Tomorrows. Click here to see the special offer - and feel free to share with your friends., the eBook editions are still available for 50-75% off today and tomorrow only! (January 12th & 13th)

Today and Monday, January 13th, you can get 50% Off All eBook Formats at the Secret Cravings Store!

Use Coupon Code "Sale50" to get HALF OFF on ALL eBook formats of Pulse & Prejudice - the paranormal adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that tells the story of Mr. Darcy, vampire! 

PLUS Use Coupon Code "Sale50" to get HALF OFF on ALL eBook formats of the highly-acclaimed romantic suspense Alicia's Possession - Jan 10th - 13th only! (And ONLY at the Secret Cravings Publishing Store.) the way, Alicia's Possession has been nominated for "Best Romance of 2013" in the P&E Readers' Poll, and I would really appreciate your vote! So if you read it and love it, please take a minute to give it your support by voting for it here.  Sorry - you have to prove you're human with their silly Spam test and then a verification email, so I want to thank you in advance for your support!)

Although officially the  Janeites Rejoice 99¢ Sale for Kindle and Nook ended yesterday, I am going to extend the discount for the award-winning All My Tomorrows from Amazon for Kindle or Barnes & Noble for Nook through tomorrow as well, so you can get the eBook for only 99¢ - that is 75% off the regular price! (As an added bonus, if you already bought the print version from Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for free!) the Saints lose, but you win!

Now that's it for me! No more football. No more book promos. I have two novels to finish!

Time to get back to writing.....


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