How Did YOU Meet Miss Jane Austen?

Last week, the incredible Marilyn Brant (who joined me for coffee a few weeks ago to tell us about her new release, Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match) asked all of her fellow Austen Authors how they were first introduced to the works of Jane Austen for a feature she was doing on Magical Musings.

If you are an Austen lover like the rest of us, how were you first introduced? Which of her novels first resonated with you? Did you first come across her in a film adaptation or the famous Colin Firth BBC production of Pride and Prejudice? Or maybe you came across her in a round about way through modern adaptations like Clueless or Bridget Jones's Diary?

Here is what I told Marilyn about my introduction to Austen:

My Mr. Knightley
“The oldest, meanest nun who ever lived introduced me to Austen. Unlike the other sisters at the school post-Vatican II, she still wore the traditional habit with a veil and wimple framing her shriveled face – like an old potato forgotten in the pantry. Of course I had heard of Pride and Prejudice; but being from the South, I stupidly thought it was about desegregation!
Then the “holy terror” we all despised assigned Emma. I fell madly in love with Mr. Knightley, a man who saw a deeply flawed woman yet loved her anyway. An enduring gift from the unlikeliest of sources.”

Be sure to click over to Magical Musings to find out how some of the other Austen Authors fell in love with Jane - you might be surprised! - and tell us your story!


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