Happy National Napping Day!

My puppy can sleep anywhere...
Yes, I love coffee and wine, but I also love naps! That's why I am thrilled to commemorate National Napping Day! I bet it's no coincidence that it falls right after we switch to Daylight Savings Time.

To help celebrate - and stay awake! -  I am even having a contest over on my Facebook Page.  To help my fellow sleepyheads stay awake, I am giving away a $12 Gift Card to Starbucks! Please "Like" my Author Page and leave a comment telling me the craziest place you have ever fallen asleep! I will draw for a winner FRIDAY NIGHT!

Sweet dreams!


P.S. My craziest place: a Metallica concert. Long, boring guitar solo.

Above photo is of the inspiration for the character Amadeus in Pulse and Prejudice.

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