I STILL Haven't Adjusted to Time Change! Want Starbucks Bucks?

My puppy can sleep anywhere...
This week has been a nightmare. First of all, I never adjust to the time change well. Then on Monday morning - on very little sleep - I could not get into the network for my day job for over 90 minutes. I was convinced I had been fired! Having signed the authorization for a background check about 10 days before, I thought I must have failed. (Would I get unemployment for failing a background check?) Eventually, I DID get in, but as the week progressed, I wished I had been fired!

Monday was also National Napping Day! To help commemorate this important date - no doubt set to coincide with Daylight Savings Time -  I am having a contest over on my Facebook Page.  To help my fellow sleepyheads stay awake, I am giving away a $12 Gift Card to Starbucks! Please "Like" my new Author Page and leave a comment telling me the craziest place you have ever fallen asleep. Please note, due to Facebook rules, you are not required to "Like" my Author Page to participate, but it would be nice if you did. (Don't worry - I won't fill up your timeline with a bunch of promos.) Just leave a comment! Besides, wouldn't a cup of coffee go well with Baked Apple Betty?

Because we have been having all kinds of technical difficulties all week, I am extending the contest through the weekend and will draw for a winner on  SUNDAY NIGHT!

Sweet dreams!


P.S. My craziest place: a Metallica concert. Long, boring guitar solo.

Above photo is of the inspiration for the character Amadeus in Pulse and Prejudice.

UPDATE:  Thank you all for your interesting stories!  The winner of the Starbucks Gift Card (as selected by random.org) is Molly Daniels! Congratulations!


  1. This is the first year I've had to deal with daylight savings time, and it stinks!! I never have seen the need for this - you still have the same number of hours a day. I always loved that Arizona did not participate in this craziness. All I had to remember is that the time to some of the TV shows changed, and the time difference between friends in other states. Needless to say, I've made dinner late all week, and have gone to bed later. Now to think about it, I've gotten up later too, so... it's not working for me! Haha!

    1. Don't you hate it?? I have been jealous of Arizona (and most of the world) for not having to change their clocks. The other thing this means is that the clock in my husband's car will be an hour off until November...

  2. Hugs, Colette--I hate the time change! It makes me sooooo sleepy and groggy for what feels like weeks!

    1. I know! And by the time we get that hour back in November, I don't even notice it - all I know then is that suddenly it's getting dark at 5 o'clock, which also sucks!


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