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Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers! This week on Coffee with Colette, fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Lena Hart has dropped by to tell you about her hot New Release, Because You Are Mine Plus, she reveals the secrets behind her hero and heroine, Drake and Cara (and even has pictures - yea!). Get an eyeful of Drake! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe we need ICE coffee...

Introducing Cara and Drake!


Happy Tuesday! I first want to thank Colette for hosting me on her blog today. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the leading lady and man of my latest release, Because You Are Mine, a story essentially about broken bonds and betrayal…

Betrayal cuts deep, especially when it comes from someone you trust. And no one understands this better than Cara Sinclair’s old love, now new boss, Drake Ross. Growing up, these two shared an undeniable bond until they found themselves in a fight for their lives. Twelve years later, fate conspires to bring them back together. Yet, while Cara is torn between chasing a lost love, or pursuing another, Drake is left more uncertain of the truth and his feelings for the girl he believed betrayed him. But the love that binds them proves impenetrable. And when light is finally shed on the secrets that haunt them, Cara and Drake will soon discover that danger still lurks.....
and betrayal cuts deeper than they could have ever imagined.

Meet Cara Sinclair 

Age: Late 20’s
Height: 5’6
Physique: Dark-brown eyes, black curly hair, slender build

Cara SinclairCara is modest, gullible, and has a tendency to over-think and worry. Though she is caring, compassionate and always willing to help people, it is often to the point of overextending herself. She is usually saying "yes" when she should be saying "no". Cara hates confrontation, despite Drake’s efforts to provoke her. Once a lively and animated young girl, she is a bit more reserved and prefers peace and balance. Although life can get unsteady at times, she uses her inner strength to guide her through.



Meet Drake Ross

Age: Mid 30’s
Height: 6’2
Physique: Pale gold-colored eyes, dirty blonde hair, muscular build

Drake Ross Drake is patient and dependable, persistent and determined. He is also warmhearted and loving to those he care about. He has a tendency to be inflexible and argumentative, particularly with Cara, yet is also possessive and protective toward her. Although Drake is usually even-tempered, when provoked he can erupt with intense anger. He likes stability, time alone to think, and most importantly he appreciates honesty and reliability in others. He dislikes disruption and the feeling of confinement.

It was a joy to write Cara and Drake’s story and I’m excited to share it with you all! Please check out the excerpt below. Enjoy!


Sneak Peek (excerpt):

Drake was in a bad mood.

The monthly alignment meeting had proved to be a complete waste of time. He had more important things to do then sit around and re-discuss irrelevant material. He didn’t care who they selected to redesign the company’s website. He wanted to know how they planned to improve their network security and inefficient infrastructure.

He strode back to his office, irritated by the lost time.

As soon as he entered his office, he froze.

Resting on his sofa was Cara’s small feminine figure. For a moment he just stood there, transfixed. Then, without thinking, he quietly closed the office door and walk up to where she slept.

Her curly hair was pushed back but a few dark tendrils managed to escape and sprawled across her face. Her head rested on the sofa arm and the position exposed the tiny mole on her slender neck. A flaw he always found endearing.

He couldn’t take his eyes away. The peacefulness of that moment left him mesmerized. In that short moment, his mood shifted. His irritation melted away and was replaced by a pleasant calm.

He crouched down in front of her, fighting the urge to lean down and kiss her smooth, graceful neck. She was a natural beauty, and in sleep she was achingly so.

But the peaceful moment came to an abrupt end.

With a loud gasp, she jolted awake and stared right at him. Her eyes widened and she stifled another gasp when she found him hovering only inches away. He could practically feel the panic building inside her.

He was fascinated at how she could be sound asleep one minute then wide awake the next. She ran her hands through her mane of curls and he was drawn in by the feminine gesture. The uncomfortable strain forming in his pants was his cue to move away.

He ignored it.

“Hello there,” he greeted, his tone devoid of emotion. “How was your nap?”

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About the Author

Lena Hart is an author of sensual, interracial romances. Her second novella, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE, was recently released by Secret Cravings Publishing and is currently available wherever e-books are sold.
To learn more about Lena and her work, visit or find her rambling at



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