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Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers! I hope you will join me in welcoming fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author Catherine Greenfeder to this week's Coffee with Colette. She is joining me today to tell you about the inspiration behind her paranormal romances, Sacred Fires and her latest release Angels Among Us!

Hello dear readers,
Thank you, Colette, for inviting me to visit on your blog.

Ideas behind My Books

My idea for Angels Among Us came from both my belief in angels and a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. I had been admiring the annual Christmas tree display in the Medieval exhibit when I thought I heard one of the angel ornaments ask when I would write her story. I wanted to write a sweet romance with an angel as a heroic, though not romantic, character who guarded the protagonist, a psychically gifted artist. I used my own experience with stained glass and knowledge of psychic phenomenon and psychic detective work to help with writing the plot.

Sacred Fires sprang from my interest in reincarnation and the idea of soul mates from ancient times reuniting to solve a mystery. I had been to Mexico and experienced déjà vu, a nightmare about Aztec sacrifices, and toured several museum exhibits, hence, the setting and the beginnings of the conflict in that book.

What follows is a bit about both books.

About Angels Among Us


At a young age, Kay Lassiter witnessed her parents’ murder, one made to look like an accident. Kay
and her brother survived that accident, but the post traumatic stress robbed her memory and increased her psychic awareness.

Now twenty-eight years old, Kay is picking up the pieces of her life after her more recent loss of her boyfriend, victim of a shootout, and starting a stained glass art business in New Jersey. She is visited by Eviance, her childhood guardian angel who knows the identity of her parents’ murderer and tries to warn her that the murderer has returned.

With courage, strength, and the help of her guardian angel, Kay begins to solve the murder mystery. She also begins to heal and trust as she rekindles a romance with Jake O’Malley, a childhood friend. Along the way Kay learns that despite the problems in this world, there are angels among us.
Now Available from Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook and in all eBook formats from the Sweet Cravings Publishing Store.

About Sacred Fires

When Casey Mc Conoughy, a magazine news reporter, and Miguel Stephens, a rogue U.S. Customs Bureau agent, unite to uncover the mystery behind a rash of bazaar cult murders connected to the theft of antiquities from Mexico they get more than they bargained for.

While Miguel’s hidden agenda is to uncover the cult leader responsible for human sacrifices including that of his step-brother, Casey’s is to get over her former fiancé, a lawyer with unsavory clients, and to prove her worth as a news reporter. What they both discover is that they had been together in another lifetime in Aztec Mexico. Unlike then, however, this time, they have the law on their side and a love so strong it is sacred.

From modern day Mexico City to the tropical splendor of Acapulco, Sacred Fires paints a story of greed, betrayal, revenge, and love.
Now Available from Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook and in all eBook formats from the Secret Cravings Publishing Store.

About the Author – Catherine Greenfeder


I’ve always had an active imagination and a love for words. I enjoyed keeping journals, writing poetry, and began to write short stories some time ago. I’m inspired by personal experiences, trips, conversations, movies, television, and research. My lifelong interest in the paranormal, particularly ghosts and angels, has inspired ideas for several stories which are in the works. I am currently working on a werewolf novella and a time travel romance. Membership in writers’ groups helps me to focus, network, and get the encouragement and support with my writing career.

When not writing or editing my books, I am teaching language arts in a middle school. I also enjoy time with my family and Murphy, our pet Black Labrador retriever mix, in New Jersey.

For more information on the author or to learn about her upcoming books, you can go to her website at
You can also find her on Facebook.


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