Hump Day Hook #6

Welcome to the Hump Day Hook Hop for December 5, 2012!

With this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a WIP or finished book for all to see. Then, it would be really cool if you could visit all the writers participating and comment on their paragraph!

This excerpt (not a true paragraph as it is dialogue) is from my current work in progress, Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice, the vampire adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story.

A few months after her wedding to the vampire Darcy, Elizabeth finds herself confronted by a strange man and in the awkward position of defending her husband from a dreadful accusation....

    The odd man scrunched his face and shook his head.  “I tell that man you call husband it is his duty: He must go.”
“To New Orleans?” Elizabeth asked.
With a nod, he said, “He will not go.  He says he will not leave you.  That is why I come to you.”
“Nor do I wish my husband to leave. What am I to do on the occasion?  It seems a hopeless business.”
“You must leave him.  Go home, Miss Bennet.  Go to your father.”
“You mean Mrs. Darcy.”  Her temper pricked, her words came out in clipped syllables.  “Pray, why would I leave my husband?”
“This man you call husband is damned.  He is the white devil - a glittering Satan.”
“I think you received these ideas in your pipe dreams. My husband does not glitter!”

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  1. He doesn't glitter, but he sure does intrigue! Nice dialogue. Well done.

  2. it's good that he doesn't glitter and I agree with Flossie that he does intrigue. Perhaps the next excerpt could be with him in the scene?

  3. Intriguing. Great dialogue. I'm hooked!

  4. Ahahaha!! Oh the last line gave me great gasping giggles. Wonderful.

    Beyond that, I did enjoy the dialogue. Very crisp and proper as I'd expect in a Darcy/Elizabeth style book.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lol at that last line. I love Darcy but one thing he isn't is glittery. I love when someone calls Lizzy 'Miss Bennet' after she's married and she gets angry. It's even better when Darcy gets angry.

    Go away, strange man!

  7. I love that last line. Great energy in the entire exchange.


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