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Welcome to the Thursday 13 for 1-24-13! 

This is a collection I had planned on using for Valentine's Day, but since the amazing romance writer Jean Joachim just had this article published in USA Today and listed the favourite romance films of her fellow Secret Cravings authors - including yours truly! - I decided to publish this list early.


My Thirteen Favourite Romance Movies

13. Moulin Rouge - This is my favourite film of all time, but certainly not because of the romance since we know from the first scene that the heroine is going to die.  Sorry - If the boy doesn't end up with the girl, it is not going to be ranked high on my list. Ditto Casablanca. Lovelovelove the movie, but no Happily Ever After (unless Rick and Louie are going off for an M/M sequel!).

12. Ghost - This is one of those films that, if I ever catch it while running through the channels, I'll stop and watch it. Alas, again, no HEA.

11. Meet Joe Black - Happily Ever After?? Well, debatable. But when young Brad Pitt took off his shirt in the love scene, there was a collective moan in the movie theatre.

10. Kate & Leopold - BUT it has to be the Director's Cut! I've seen them both, and the theatrical release doesn't even make sense.

9. Bounce - Not sure why it did so poorly at the box office, but this is a fav of mine!

8. While You Were Sleeping - I have to agree with Jean on this one. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

7. Notting Hill - I must confess, this one did inform All My Tomorrows to a certain degree: The concept of a movie star falling in love with, well, someone who is not a movie star.

6. Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Another confession. If you don't see your favourite on my list, it's probably because I haven't seen it. Believe it or not, romance is not my favourite genre of films.  What do I prefer? That's right - ACTION movies. This one is awesome with both.

5. 50 First Dates - Something about this just touches me, the way he is so devoted to her and can make her fall in love with him all over again every day.

4. Prelude to a Kiss - <sigh> Love is more than skin deep. Plus, awesome soundtrack.

3. Dracula - Up to a point. I love this film, but - puh-lease! Mina should NOT end up with that squirelly Jonathan Harker! Whenever I watch the movie, this is the final scene:

    Enter Dracula as green mist
Mina awakens

MINA: Yes, my love, you found me.

DRACULA: My most precious life.

MINA: I've wanted this to happen.  I know that now. I want to
be with you always.

DRACULA: You cannot know what you are saying.

MINA: Yes, I do. I feared I would never feel your touch again.
I thought you were dead.

DRACULA: There is no life in this body.

MINA: But you live! You live! What are you? I must know!
You must tell me!

DRACULA: I am nothing, lifeless, soulless, hated and feared. I
am dead to all the world...hear me! I am the monster the
breathing men would kill. I am Dracula.

Mina beats at Dracula

MINA: No! You murdered Lucy! (She collapses in his arms) I
love you. Oh, God forgive me, I do. I want to be what you are,
see what you see, love what you love.

DRACULA: Mina, to walk with me, you must die to your breathing
life and be reborn to mine.

MINA: You are my love and my life always.

DRACULA: Then I give you life eternal, everlasting love, the
power over the storm and the beasts of the earth. Walk with me
to be my loving wife forever.

MINA: I will. Yes, yes.

He opens a vein in his chest

DRACULA: Mina! Mina, drink and join me in eternal life.

Mina drinks
Dracula suddenly pushes Mina away

DRACULA: No, I cannot let this be.

MINA: Please, I don't care. Make me yours.

DRACULA: You'll be cursed as I am and walk through the shadow
of death for all eternity. I love you too much to condemn you.

MINA: Then take me away from all this death!

Mina continues to drink

AND CUT! THE END - Mina and Dracula live Happily Eternally After...

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - You have NO IDEA how much I would LOVE to have some of my memories erased. The concept and the final product are perfection and provides hope that some people are just meant to be together.

Notorious. Best movie kiss - ever!
1. Notorious - Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock. As I stated in the USA Today story, Devlin cannot help but fall in love with this flawed woman.  She's an alcoholic, promiscuous, the daughter of a Nazi - plus, she is married to (and sleeping with!) another man!  But the heart want what the heart wants, reason be damned.

So what is YOUR favourite romance movie?  Did it make my list? Don't forget to check out the USA Today article to see the films romance writers like best!  By the way, this isn't my first time to pop up on USA Today.  The trailer for Pulse and Prejudice was featured a few months ago.  Check it out here.

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