The Pulse and Prejudice Pop Culture Challenge! an iPad4 PLUS a Cash Jackpot!

Strewn about the prose of Pulse and Prejudice - the vampire adamptation of Jane Austen's classic love story - you will find tiny references to other things and people in film, music, and literature that I have enjoyed over the years, all of which are listed on the Acknowledgements page.

Since the publication of Pulse and Prejudice, I have been prodded relentlessly to reveal all of the pop culture allusions hidden throughout my novel like Easter eggs, which I am prepared to do; however, in honour of the 200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice, I thought it might be fun to give you, dear readers, the opportunity to find them first.

Hence, I present - in conjunction with Secret Cravings Publishing -

The rules of the contest are simple: Find the most pop culture allusions within the text of Pulse and Prejudice, and you will win a Fourth Generation iPad with Retina Display! PLUS, if you find ALL 25 of them, you will win a CASH BONUS from an ever-growing Jackpot! There are even prizes for runners-up!

There is no purchase necessary to enter or win, so feel free to borrow a copy from a friend or the library - although I'm sure you will want your own ;) . Just don't use a pirated copy, or you will be disqualified.

Submit your contest entry to: by October 31st, 2013. We are keeping the challenge open long enough for everyone to participate AND to allow the Jackpot to grow! (Plus I'll be revealing a few hints from time to time, so Follow this blog or "Like" the Pulse and Prejudice Facebook Page.) For complete contest rules and more information, please go to PulseandPrejudice.comGood luck - and have fun!


Only open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, age 18 and older at the time of entry. Void in Puerto Rico and where otherwise prohibited by law. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING; HOWEVER, ANYONE USING A PIRATED COPY OF PULSE AND PREJUDICE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. For complete contest rules and more information, please refer to the Contest Rules link on

About Pulse and Prejudice

When the haughty and wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives in the rural county of Hertfordshire, he finds he cannot control his attraction to Elizabeth Bennet – a horrifying thought because, as she is too far below his social standing to ignite his heart, he fears she must appeal to the dark impulses he struggles to suppress.

Set against the vivid backdrop of historical Regency England, Pulse and Prejudice follows the cursed vampire Darcy as he strives to overcome both his love and his bloodlust for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. This compelling adaptation of Pride and Prejudice remains faithful to the original plot and style of the Jane Austen classic but tells Darcy’s story as he descends into the seedier side of London and introduces Elizabeth to a world of passion and the paranormal she never knew existed.

“What would Jane Austen have thought? I think she would have loved this book. She might even have written it herself had she lived in a less constrained age.” Books Are Cool

"Within only the first chapter, I found myself strangely drawn to the story. The vampire Darcy weaves his spell quickly." Austenprose

“Darcy’s demise and subsequent ‘rebirth’ are written to perfection. It has renewed my faith in the sub-genre.” Reflections of a Book Addict

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