Thursday Thirteen: Fun with Figures of Speech

Welcome to the Thursday 13 for January 10th, 2013!

I love figures of speech! In writing fiction, I enjoy using puns, metaphors, alliterations, etc., to add richness to the prose - as well as to have a little fun.  For example, in Pulse and Prejudice, the vampire Mr. Darcy is so disgusted by his affliction, he refuses to utter the word. Hence, when he is forced into the company of Mrs. Bennet early in the novel, I punctuate the paragraph with other "V" words:
The vagaries of fate never ceased in their vexation of Fitzwilliam Darcy. I—a gentleman of rank and good breeding—face impalement or incineration for an affliction not of my own choosing, yet Mrs. Bennet exhibits her vulgarity and vainglory without censure.

Another favourite figure of speech is the oxymoron, so today I offer my top thirteen:

13. Passive aggressive
12. Act naturally
11. Boneless ribs
10. Virtual reality
 9. Deafening silence
 8. Alone together
 7. Random order
 6. Awfully good
 5. Only choice
 4. Clearly confused
 3. Good grief
 2. Pretty ugly

   and my favourite oxymoron:
 1. Same difference

Am I alone in this, or do you have a few favourite oxymorons, too?

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  1. We have a game in our house where we try to one-up each other's oxymorons. Love them!

  2. Love your list of 13 today! Around this neck of the woods, we have a regional oxymoron that always makes folks laugh. The town of Liberty MO is nearby, and one of the most-visited locations is the historic "Liberty Jail".


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