Sneak Peek Sunday!

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for February 3rd!  Yes, the "official" Six Sentence Sunday may be gone, but now we have a new way to share!

For its inaugural week,  I thought I would do something different and highlight a new feature here on Writings and Ramblings. The "In Short" section lists a few stories of varied genres for your reading pleasure.

The following is an excerpt from "Quality Time" and is based on actual events...

I pressed my foot harder against the accelerator. What time was it? The car clock mocked me by blinking 12:00 incessantly. Why hadn’t I worn a watch? Why didn’t I own a watch? My heart lodged in my throat, pounding: Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. I could envision their bodies, frail and bending in the wind, cold and shivering. How could I have been so cruel? I jerked the steering wheel to the right, screeched to a stop, and jumped from the car.

You can read this short story (and others) in its 
entirety by clicking on the link under "In Short."

Be sure to check out the Sunday snippets from other amazing authors by clicking here or using the Twitter hashtag #SneakPeekSunday. (FYI: Some of the other offerings are quite steamy indeed! You may take that as a warning or an enticement...)


 And don't forget to click on the Pulse and Prejudice Pop Culture Challenge for your chance to win an iPad4 PLUS a Cash Jackpot!




  1. Oooooh! That was great! Must read the rest.

  2. The tension is fabulous, it reads like a race. Very well done.

  3. The pressure is palpable. An excellent snippet!

  4. Wow, I don't know who "they" are but she is definitely a character I want to know. Love your writing style!

  5. I can certainly feel the tension here. Had to laugh a little at her asking herself why she hadn't won or bought a watch - I could see me doing the same LOL. Excellent excerpt!

  6. Great tension. Great sneak peek!


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