Sneak Peek Sunday!

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for February 10th!  Yes, the "official" Six Sentence Sunday may be gone, but now we have a new way to share little snippets every week.

Today I present an excerpt from Pulse and Prejudice, my paranormal adaptation of Jane Austen's classic, which tells the story of Mr. Darcy - vampire.

In this scene, Mr. Darcy is in conversation with his valet Rivens, discussing the plausibility of pursuing a relationship with Miss Elizabeth Bennet even though he is immortal....

     “She will die before I will.”
     “She will die before you regardless.”
     Darcy paced his chambers in Rosings hours after Lady Catherine’s carriage had conveyed Elizabeth and the others back to the parsonage, each minute spent second-guessing himself and pondering how decisions made years ago might affect all his days to come.
     Darcy stopped and turned to his valet. “And your wife? When you lost her?”
     Rivens’s posture stiffened even more than usual before he answered. “Devastating, sir.” He met Darcy’s gaze. “I thought I would die, but of course I did not.”
     “Do you wish you had not put yourself through that pain?”
     “Despite the anguish of loss, I have no regrets. We shared thirty years together, watched our family grow.”
     Rivens’s words heartened Darcy to consider the feasibility of a future with Elizabeth—had he gone mad? Could it be possible?

I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit. Did you notice anything about the first non-dialogue paragraph, which begins, "Darcy paced..."? I include multiple references to measures of time juxtaposed against his immortality-driven angst.

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A few announcements....

The Dark Jane Austen Book Club has chosen Pulse and Prejudice for their February selection, and I have a special blog post on their website. Leave a comment over there, and you could win a signed copy of Pulse and Prejudice!
Check back here on Thursday for a special Vampire Valentines Day post and giveaway for the Vampire Bite Blog Hop.
Thursday at 9:30 pm EST, I will be interviewed by Elaine Raco Chase for The Author's Corner on Triangle Variety Radio. Listen to the show by going to Scroll down and click the silver On Blog Talk Radio silver bar, and that brings you into the outer studio and a red light that says ON THE AIR.
The League of British Actors Valentine Giveaway is going on now through February 20th, so click on over there for a chance to win one of two dozen books, including All My Tomorrows and Pulse and Prejudice!

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  1. Nice! I did notice all the time references. :) Thanks for sharing.

    (My sneak peek is at Wordpress's login defaults to my other blog.)


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