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Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for February 17th! 

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I have been by the reception All My Tomorrows has received! Last month, it was voted a Top 10 Romance Novel of 2012 in the P&E Readers' Poll, and just this week, not only did it advance to the second round in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition, but also Austenprose named me "Debut Author of 2012" for All My Tomorrows!

In this scene, Alice and Peter are engaging in a little pillow talk, but it's not going exactly as Peter had hoped....

     Alice shoved his chest but didn’t even manage to move him a millimeter. God, his chest feels good. “This is a one-night stand. I’m one of your bimbettes.”
     “What? How can you even think this is a one-night stand? And why are you always talking about my ‘bimbettes’? I don’t even know what the hell that means.”
     She shoved him again. Ugh. Better stop that. “True. I guess I am too old to be a bimbette. Just like last time, you try to get me in bed when you are leaving the next day and, coincidentally enough, both times to Toronto.”
     “For work – not to leave you. That’s who I was on the phone with earlier, trying to arrange so I could wait a few days. I wanted to go back to L.A. with you.”
     “Why would you want to do that?”
     “Why do you think? I’m in love with you, Alice.”
     Oh, brother. She rolled her eyes. “Would you get off of me, please?”
     “Not exactly the response I hoped for.”
     “You are not in love with me.”
     “Then why would I say it?”
     “To get me in bed.”
     “I am in bed with you!”
     “Because I’m trying to get you out of it!”
     He pushed himself up and off the bed and turned his back on her, and she sat up and covered herself with the sheet.
     “Do you really think I would say that just to get you to have sex with me?”
     “Men do it all the time.”
     “I don’t.”

I hope you enjoyed that little morsel, and if you're interested in reading more, click here
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The Dark Jane Austen Book Club has chosen Pulse and Prejudice for their February selection, and they will have an interview with yours truly on their website tomorrow (Monday, February 18th).  I also have a special blog post on their website about the inspiration for Pulse and Prejudice. Leave a comment over there, and you could win a signed copy of Pulse and Prejudice!
On Tuesday, I introduce a new weekly feature called "Coffee with Colette," where I invite other authors to stop by for a chat.  Layna Pimentel will be my first guest (check the calendar in the upper left for future visitors), so be sure to stop by here Tuesday to hear about her newest release, A Gift from Fate.
The League of British Actors Valentine Giveaway is going on now through February 20th, so click on over there for a chance to win one of two dozen books, including All My Tomorrows and Pulse and Prejudice!
 The winner of an eBook of Pulse and Prejudice in the Valentine Vampire Bite Blog Hop is Angelica Dawson!  Congratulations!

 And don't forget to click on the Pulse and Prejudice Pop Culture Challenge for your chance to win an iPad4 PLUS a Cash Jackpot!



  1. Great tension in this scene!

    And congrats. :)

    (My sneak peek is at Wordpress defaults to my other blog.)


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