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Some of you might have noticed that I did not post a Sneak Peek Sunday this week. Alas, I have been busy helping my daughter move into her first house! Plus I have been completely overwhelmed with my soul-sucking day job. (For those of you who might not know, I was on disability for 10 weeks - so I had 10 weeks of work waiting for me when I returned! If you feel sorry for me, just get 10,000 of your closest friends to buy my novels so I can be a writer full time!) Hence, this week I will have to forgo all blogging here on Writings and Ramblings, although I will have a new post on Austen Authors this Friday.

Lucky for you, I have the lovely and delightful Laurie White joining me this week, with her new release Twist of Fate! She is a fellow Southerner and Sweet Cravings author, and I know once you hear about Twist of Fate, it's going to jump to the top of your TBR list!

Twist of Fate

Successful Dallas radio talk show host Devon Gallagher has put her traumatic past behind and is now happy in her life and career. Then come the strange phone calls, notes and gifts, including a pair of her own underwear – shredded and packed in black rose petals.

Shaken and desperate, Devon is finally driven to seek help from the one man she thought she'd never see again. Private security expert Rick Bergstrom broke her heart once years ago and Devon vowed to never forget that, but soon she finds the sexy ex-cop dominating her fantasies once more.

Rick thought he had gotten over Devon, yet as soon as he sets eyes on her his feelings come roaring back. Sweet memories haunt him. Although Rick and Devon are determined to put aside their past together, as they work to unmask the stalker they discover an even greater danger: their still-smoldering passion.

Available on Kindle from Amazon, on Nook from Barnes and Noble and all other eBook formats from Sweet Cravings Publishing.

Laurie White is the author of two romantic suspense novels from Sweet Cravings Publishing. When not studying for her veterinary technology classes, Laurie enjoys traveling, listening to music, and creating stories with strong heroines and tortured yet honorable heroes. She lives in the hills of Tennessee with her four adorable cats.

Laurie's Blog:  White on Writing 
Laurie's website:
Follow her on Twitter:  @LWhiteAuthor


  1. Glad you're healthy enough to work again, and I wish for you a nice senior editor gig AND 50000 sales.

    Ron Fischman, from Spreading the Love


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