You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Celebrating Facebook Milestone with eBook Giveaways!
With my first novel published, I created a Facebook "Official" Author Page with no notion that I would receive 100 Likes, and now I have over 1000! I don't know if it's because of my books, my cocktails, or the pictures of my dogs; but I am overwhelmed by your support!

To demonstrate my appreciation, I am going to giveaway THREE eBook copies of each of my Pride and Prejudice adaptations - modern and paranormal.

Just leave a comment below and tell me which novel you would prefer. And don't forget to leave your email address so I can let you know when you win! Winners will be chosen in one week (the night of June 3rd) and announced on June 4th, which I will, of course, also post on my Page.

In the meantime, I will keep on posting bits and pieces from the minutia of my life--be it writing, wine, or my soul-sucking day job. (My mother-in-law says I mainly post about the latter two - as if they're unrelated!)

To help you decide which novel you would prefer, I am re-posting the snippets from this past "My Sexy Saturday." (You can find more excerpts by clicking here for The Proud and the Prejudiced and Pulse and Prejudice. (Be sure to check back this Saturday for a new "Sexy" snippet!)
ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS (as chosen through

The Proud and the Prejudiced:

Pulse and Prejudice:

From The Proud and the Prejudiced: A Modern Twist on Pride and Prejudice

 I am sure you all recall the scene at Rosings where Elizabeth plays the pianoforte as Mr. Darcy listens. In this 21st century adaptation, Rosings is replaced by New Orleans (naturally!), and Alice plays a song on her iPhone for Peter to hear. It's one of her favourite songs - "Maggot Brain" by the Funkadelics - and he is predisposed not to like it based on the title. They listen to it together, each with one earbud plugged into the music...     The short length of the cord forced Alice closer to him, and she pressed play.
     During the opening arpeggio, his straight mouth and eyes rolled up to the sky told her he expected to be unimpressed. Then on that first dramatic intense riff of the lead, his fathomless eyes fell upon her, the serious line of his lips denoting something far different from ennui. The song had always affected her, but now the strings of the guitar reached deep beneath her sternum and tightened around her heart.
     Halfway through, the song drew quiet, and she didn’t think she could bear another five minutes in such close proximity with her head swimming in whisky and his heat causing her a chill.
      “After that, it’s just pretty much more of the same.”
    She reached to take the earbud from him, but he clasped her hand near her cheek. “No. I want to hear the rest.”
     When the screaming guitar line began again, their eyes met, and she lost her breath and pulled her hand away. Her breasts felt heavy, and her nipples tightened as if a cool breeze had fluttered between them, but the night air was as hot, dense, and still as ever.
She squeezed her eyes closed both to block out the man sharing this moment and to revel in its succulence.
     Once it ended, they pulled the buds from their ears and he locked her in his gaze. “That is the sexiest song I have ever heard, and you are the sexi—”

From Pulse and Prejudice: The Confession of Mr Darcy, Vampire

This scene is from the last night that Jane and Elizabeth are staying a Netherfield following her illness....
Miss Bingley finished a concerto as he entered and immediately transitioned into an Italian love song. She smirked, quite pleased at the attention she received from one quarter, as Darcy stared in her direction while listening to her play and sing. She rose to polite applause then invited Elizabeth to the pianoforte as she smiled at Darcy and assumed the chair nearest him.
Elizabeth thumbed through the sheet music a moment then changed her mind and took her seat at the instrument. She began to play.
Darcy recognized the sonata within the first few notes. Beethoven. He had not heard it in years, perhaps not since before, but he did not recall it ever sounding so bittersweet. Miss Bingley spoke, yet he heard nothing but the haunting chords...strains of sorrow, longing, and unrequited desire. He had not wanted to watch Elizabeth, but he could not look away, the mysterious melody whispering to him. His mind returned to that morning, his hand on her face, his lips on her neck. He envisioned pulling her into his arms and holding her in a firm embrace, untamed thoughts of loosening her hair and running his fingers through the silken strands as he brought his mouth onto hers.
Elizabeth played only six minutes, ending as gently as she had begun, sending the room into silence. A few moments passed before she said, “I fear the first movement is all I remember.”
“That was beautiful, Lizzy,” said Jane. “I have not heard you play that piece in forever. Pray, what is it called again?”
Quasi una fantasia. I do not remember the last time I played it. I cannot think what made me play it now.” She turned her gaze from her hands on the keys into the eyes of Darcy.
They held the stare for a full minute, although it seemed an hour, as if pulled by lodestone. Darcy regained his senses and broke away, straightening his posture, standing, and stalking out of the room. Elizabeth shook her head to relieve the torpor. She stood and smiled at the others. “I suppose I cannot please everyone.”

By the way, Quasi una fantasia would later be known as The Moonlight Concerto - quite appropriate for a vampire, wouldn't you say? You can hear it played on the trailer for the original release of Pulse and Prejudice.

Be sure to enter to win one of three gorgeous hardbound editions of Pulse and Prejudice. Also, if you order directly from the publisher's store, the hardback is $5 off for a limited time.

(For more information on the relaunch of Pulse and Prejudice, check out my interview on Austen Variations.) 

 Where to find Pulse and Prejudice

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  1. Congrats on reaching this milestone. I would prefer Pulse and Prejudice. I love your work and I wish you continued success.


    1. Awwww....You're so sweet! Thank you, Taneshia!

  2. Ok you pulled my arm I'm over here. I'll take The Proud and the Prejudice if I win. I haven't read it yet. lol carterkristina2 (at)

  3. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway! I love the generosity of all the authors in the JA universe.

    I'd looooooove to read Pulse and Prejudice. :-)

    Pamh5230 at yahoo dot com

  4. Congrats my friend! I couldn't be more proud of you, as well as honored to have been along for this ride. Hell, maybe I even influenced a word or two in Pulse. You know where to find me!


  5. Pulse and Prejudice, please. Thanks a lot for offering the giveaways and heartiest congratulations on the milestone, Colette.


  6. Congratulations!! I would LOVE to read the Proud and the Prejudice if I win :)

  7. Love paranormal twists to classics. Congratulations.

  8. Pulse and Prejudice, please. I already have both versions of the other. Thank you for the giveaway. Congratulations.
    Cherringtonmb at sbcglobal dot net

  9. Looking forward to reading your novels! I would love to be entered for both drawings. My email address is tdungnvu (at) yahoo ( dot) com

  10. I'm interested in trying to win Pulse and Prejudice. I have the other story already.
    jcn at CenturyTel dot net

  11. I would love to read either,

  12. Would live to read either. Rwestmancott at gmail dot com

  13. I would love to read any of them two!! If do not have another option and I have to choose I think I want to read first about Darcy as a vampire! Is he even more serious??
    Pulse and Prejudice :)
    ana (dot) mr (dot) 1986 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I think I replied on one of your Facebook posts, but I'm replying here as well hoping like heck to be one of the winners, because I simply LOVE P&P adaptations!

  15. I would like to enter to win Pulse and Prejudice. I already have the other book. It was great! jcn at CenturyTel dot net


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