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"This week’s theme is Sexy Forever. Think of couples who live forever. You know, your favorite vampires, werewolves, even angels or ghosts. We want to know them all. They can be sexy, hot, sizzling and we want to know all about them."

And who has been the standard for the sexy silent type for over 200 years? Why, Mr. Darcy, of course! Add the element of immortality introduced in Book 1 of the Mr. Darcy, Vampire series, Pulse and Prejudice: The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire, and we really do have Sexy Forever! (Here are 13 reasons why Mr. Darcy is the perfect vampire.)

Last week, I provided a short excerpt from Pulse and Prejudice to commemorate its re-release, but I always worry about posting the really good or pivotal excerpts because I'm afraid it will affect the enjoyment of someone reading it for the first time.

Hence, for this week, I give you a sneak peek at the upcoming sequel, Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth. I should warn you that, as I am not restrained by Miss Austen's comedy of manners, Book 2 is much darker, bloodier, and sexier than Pulse and Prejudice. So read at your own risk!

Crimson drops fell onto the white snow, staining it pink. Darcy had not intended this – to drink from his wife – when he claimed his prize of a kiss after catching her as they raced through the hedge maze at Pemberley. Elizabeth had actually done surprisingly well in evading him, considering his intuitive abilities; but, of course, he had caught her – laughing in his arms, eyes ablaze, cheeks chafed from the cold.

“And now my prize!”  As had so often occurred in the span of their brief marriage, his tender kiss had escalated quickly into fervent ardour.  The laughter then in her eyes, his wife had taken hold of the lapels of his greatcoat and, falling back onto the snow, pulled him down with her.  As their kisses had deepened, so, too, had his hunger and desire.  He pulled off his gloves and trailed his cold fingers down her face.  Untying her bonnet and unfastening her cape, he exposed her neck for his lips and his teeth.
She moaned softly as he drew the blood from her throat, sharing her warmth and her pulse, savouring the rich, metallic taste.  He pulled back to look at her, only then noticing that a few precious drops of lifeblood had escaped his embrace and fallen onto the snow.
“William,” she whispered in a half-plea, her hand running over the front of his trousers to convey her intent.
He gazed into her eyes.  “Should we not go in?  Are you not cold?
“Cover me to keep me warm.”  She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth onto hers, sharing the taste of her blood as their tongues intertwined.
Darcy pulled at her skirts and brought the hem to her knees.  He reached his hand up between her cold thighs to the hot core that drew him in.  She gasped against his mouth as he touched her there, but he wasted little time in freeing himself from his trousers and thrusting deep within her.

So...What do you think? Sexy enough for you?
 Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth should be released in the next six to eight months, so you have plenty of time to read (or re-read) its predecessor.

Be sure to enter to win one of three gorgeous hardbound editions of Pulse and Prejudice. Also, if you order directly from the publisher's store, the hardback is $5 off for a limited time.

(For more information on the relaunch of Pulse and Prejudice, check out my interview on Austen Variations.) 

 Where to find Pulse and Prejudice

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  1. This is sext, but tastefully so. Are their changes to Pulse and Prejudice beside the cover with this new release? Are there major changes to the text?

    1. Not really so much to the text, Lizzybel. It is cleaner, nailed a few typos and got rid of most instances of "a bit." It has been reformatted into the original chapter divisions, with chapter names added. Also, it is annotated for readers who are curious about the quotations the characters use.

      So if you read the original, you probably don't need the "director's cut," but you should definitely sign up to win a copy of the beautiful hardback edition!


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