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"This week’s theme is Sexy Delight."

Gentle readers, I have had difficulty trying to come up with an idea for this week's theme. (If you read the full description here, I think you'll understand!) There was one part of it that did strike me in particular:

"Still, we want to remind you to think about lovers committing to each other, no matter where they are.
The stakes can be high or there can be no stakes."

Well, I can't hear the word "stakes" without thinking of vampires! (As in a stake through the heart!) Thus, I have selected an excerpt from Pulse and Prejudice: The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire, where the vampire Darcy realizes he cannot live...or unlive...without Elizabeth Bennet following his discovery of her in the hedge maze. (Yes, I installed a hedge maze on the grounds of Pemberley, and all with my little pen!)

Wisdom and blood combating in so tender a body,
we have ten proofs to one
that blood hath the victory.
Much Ado About Nothing, Act II Scene 3

He wanted her.

The others had long since gone to bed, leaving Darcy free to indulge his nocturnal rambles. He strode through the hedge maze for the second time that night, only the second time in more than six years. Had he imagined it? That frisson of awareness that had passed between them when they had touched. Had he created it?
When Georgiana had come laughing from the far side of the maze, he had expected Elizabeth to be right behind her. He allowed perhaps ten minutes to pass before entering the maze and going straight to her without detour.
    As he approached, he could smell her terror, hear her rapid pulse. He feared the sight of him might cause her to collapse in shock and horror, but his concern proved unfounded. Indeed, his touch had calmed her; she welcomed his presence. The relief that had rolled through him compelled him to kiss her, which he might have done had he not come to his senses. How she would have despised him for taking such liberties! Taking advantage of the circumstance when they had only just met again, and they had not parted on good terms! Any nascent trust might have been crushed like dried leaves and scattered to the wind.
And yet. And yet. Something in her manner and expression had impressed him as…inviting. She seemed to recognize and to appreciate that he had acted on her remonstrations. If only he could be certain. He had misread her on so many occasions and with such terrible results before. Everything in his—in his what? In his heart? In his being?—in his consciousness told him her feelings towards him had softened, and that she was not repulsed by his dark nature. 
    But how could that be? She should recoil from him, fear him. It having failed him so bitterly before, he could not trust his own discernment; but he must know the truth.

What do you think?
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