AN UNWAVERING TRUST Author LL Diamond has Coffee With Colette!

Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers! 
Because next week we have a holiday, which many will carry on for an extra day (and I just KNOW none of you will be on your computers!), we are having a special Friday Edition of Coffee with Colette!

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce one of the newest members of Austen Variations Authors and another displaced (misplaced?) Louisianian (you may recall Jack Caldwell stopped by on Tuesday), the beautiful and talented L.L. "Leslie" Diamond -- and she is a real gem!

If you have not yet read Rain and Retribution, stop - do not pass go - do not collect $200 (send that to me) - and get it TODAY! I  L-O-V-E  LOVED IT! Once you finish it, then you can read any of my novels you haven't yet (I know - as if you haven't read all of my books...) while you wait for Leslie's newest release to pop into your Kindle by magic on May 30th, just as I am! Well, of course I pre-ordered it, so I will stay up until midnight on the release date and probably read it all in one night (thank you, insomnia). You know my motto: Instant gratification takes too long!

UPDATE: An Unwavering Trust is NOW AVAILABLE! Get it today on Kindle or Nook!

I am pleased to be hosting her on her blog tour for An Unwavering Trust, and she is here not just because I make such wonderful coffee (which is actually a lie because my husband makes the coffee here at home), but to give us a taste of what we'll have in our hot little hands next week - a missing scene! 


An Out-take from An Unwavering Trust

Thanks, Colette for having me! I had a hard time trying to figure out what to do for this post, but then I realized I had several scenes I cut from the book sitting in a file. I thought you might like a gander at something that didn’t make the final cut.

When they were comfortably ensconced in the coach, his grandmother observed him. “So, at long last, will you tell me which play we will be attending?”

Richard chuckled and took his grandmother’s hand. “You know you consulted this morning’s paper in an attempt to spoil the surprise.”

“I most certainly did, but I do not know which theatre. Theatre Royal is still closed due to the fire, but aside from Covent Garden there is The King’s Theatre, the Lyceum, and the Astley.”

“We are not going to the Astley, Grandmamma.” His adamant visage or tone must have been humorous to his grandmother, who giggled.

Elizabeth glanced between them with a puzzled expression. “Is there something amiss with the Astley?” 

His grandmother’s grin broadened. “Fitzwilliam does not care for it, dear. He prefers any theatre in town to the amphitheatre.”

“Grandmamma knows this, yet she still mentions it in the list.”

Richard smiled at Elizabeth and winked. Why did Richard bait him so? “Well, Lizzy has made you less rigid and dour. I am sure Grandmamma wished to ensure that every theatre was covered in the event you selected that venue.”

“Watch yourself, cousin.”

Elizabeth’s fingers laced with his as she hugged his arm to her chest, and while his jaw clenched, his fingers released the fierce grip they maintained on his trousers. “He is only teasing, you nothing more.”

“Sometimes he goes too far.” Her chuckle vibrated against his body where she rested against him, but it was her kiss to his cheek that ceased the grinding of his teeth.

She tilted her head, raised that one eyebrow, and created the look that bewitched him so. “We still have the rest of the night before us. Do not spoil it by beginning a battle royal.”

Richard meant nothing by the tease, but the blatant flirtation toward his wife was intolerable. His cousin treated her as he did Georgiana, but Georgiana was his Elizabeth.

They remained quiet as they neared Drury Lane. His grandmother whispered a scold into Richard’s ear, and he broke into a vindictive smile. His cousin could be far too forward at times.

When the carriage turned, the dowager glanced outside of the window. “Drury Lane, Fitzwilliam? So we are going to Covent Garden.”

“Yes, Grandmamma.” He chuckled at her stubbornness. “Did you memorise the theatre schedule?”

“Covent Garden was A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She spoke with a delight that pleased him. “I have heard this production is not to be missed.”

Elizabeth’s lips curled with mischief. “If only they would adapt Mrs Radcliffe for the stage.”

His wife bit her lip to quell her laughter, though his grandmother did not hold back and snorted. “Radcliffe on the stage. You do beat all.” The dowager chuckled as she situated her reticule on her forearm.

“Now, you cannot make a remark such as that and not give us the story that precipitated it,” complained Richard.

“I agree with Richard. We must know it all.”

His grandmother smirked at Elizabeth. “Ladies must withhold some secrets.”

Richard’s countenance feigned an affronted air. “That is most unjust!”

Elizabeth gave his arm a gentle squeeze. “Then perchance we shall see you in the drawing room when the ladies call at Ashcroft house, or even at Matlock house? I am positive they would be amenable to including you in their tea and conversation.”

He guffawed at the idea of his gruff cousin sitting with the ladies while they drank tea and gossiped like hens. Richard must not have been as diverted since he gave a derisive snort and ceased his appeal.

About the Author
L.L. Diamond is more commonly known as Leslie to her friends and Mom to her three kids. A native of Louisiana, she has spent the majority of her life living within an hour of New Orleans until she vowed to follow her husband to the ends of the earth as a military wife. Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, and now England have all been called home along the way.

After watching Sense and Sensibility with her mother, Leslie became a fan of Jane Austen, reading her collected works over the next few years. Pride and Prejudice stood
out as a favorite and has dominated her writing since finding
Jane Austen Fan Fiction.

Aside from mother and writer, Leslie considers herself a perpetual student. She has degrees in biology and studio art, but will devour any subject of interest simply for the knowledge. As an artist, her concentration is in graphic design, but watercolor is her medium of choice with one of her watercolors featured on the cover of her second book, A Matter of Chance. She also plays flute and piano, but much like Elizabeth Bennet, she is always in need of practice!

Leslie’s books include Rain and Retribution, A Matter of Chance, and the upcoming An Unwavering Trust.

Visit Leslie’s website Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter @lldiamond2



  1. Sorry in advance for this totally unrelated comment! Thanks for the outtake, though. When I first read the names of theatres, and saw the Astley, I thought "Uh oh, she's going to RickRoll us!"

    1. LOL! That's a by-blow of my research. I always have to double check which theatres were open because of fires. Thanks! L.L. Diamond

  2. Well I enjoyed Rain and Retribution a lot so I am sure that I will love reading this, I will just have to wait until the paperback copy is available in Canada.

    meikleblog at gmail dot com

  3. Good luck with your book! I hope I can read it soon.

  4. It seems like such an intriguing premise! I'm looking forward to reading it! - Victoria Kincaid

  5. Fun out-take. I love how well Darcy's thoughts and feelings come out when the story is told in his point of view. You can almost hear him thinking, "Richard--grrrrr!" I hope everyone snags this book and finds out how this continues throughout! It's a joy to read! Best of luck, Leslie!

    1. I do like a flirty, pesky Richard, but not in this one. He's just a bit of a goof. Thanks, Suzan!

  6. Rain and Retribution sits proudly on my shelf and yes! It has been read more than once. Thank you for the excerpt. If that didn't make the cut, I am all the more excited for what did. Thank you for the giveaway. Congratulations!

    1. The book was long and it just wasn't necessary. It was hard, but a few bits made it to a folder. At the time, I wasn't certain why I saved them since I don't usually go back and look at them again, but I was glad I remembered those scenes when I was preparing for the blog tour! Thanks, BeckyC!


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