Hot off the Press! Release Day for PULSE AND PREJUDICE: The Confession of Mr Darcy, Vampire!

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Coffee with ColetteI am drinking coffee by myself this Tuesday morning (well, I and my dogs....although they are not drinking coffee. That's a special treat they only get when we have donuts because, of course, they have to dunk their donuts into coffee!), but I do hope you will raise your cup in celebration of the re-launch of Pulse and Prejudice: The Confession of Mr Darcy, Vampire -- exactly four years to the day when I completed the first draft! (Book 1 of the Mr. Darcy, Vampire series.)

So what do you want? Do you want an interview about what I'm even talking about? Well, here I am on Austen Variations with a Q&A about the re-release.

Do you want excerpts?  Plenty of those here on this blog (as well as some sneak peeks at the upcoming sequel Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth).

Do you want a giveaway? Then sign up to win one of three beautiful hardbound editions on Goodreads.  How about a sale price? If you order directly from the publisher, you will get $5.00 off the hardback.

In addition to this gorgeous new cover, the new version has annotations and wonderful chapter titles as an homage to one of my other favourite novels --  and with the chapters divided as I had always intended (plus fewer typos and cleaner prose). I hope so much that you will enjoy it! And just wait until you see the cover for the sequel....
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About The Confession of Mr Darcy, Vampire Place Winner in Category: Chatelaine Awards Romantic Fiction* 

Austenprose Readers’ Choice: Top 5 Books of the Year*

What if the vampire Darcy could not control his carnal desires? 

In this thrilling and sensual adaptation of the classic love story, Elizabeth Bennet and the citizens of Hertfordshire know Fitzwilliam Darcy to be a proud, unpleasant sort of man, but they never suspect the dark secret of his true nature.  He is not a man at all – but a vampire.
When the haughty and wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives in the rural county of Hertfordshire, he finds he cannot control his attraction to Elizabeth Bennet – a horrifying thought because, as she is too far below his social standing to ignite his heart, he fears she must appeal to the dark impulses he struggles to suppress.                      

Set against the vivid backdrop of historical Regency England, this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice follows the cursed Mr. Darcy as he endeavours to overcome both his love and his bloodlust for Miss Elizabeth Bennet.   Although Pulse and Prejudice adheres to the original plot and style of the Jane Austen classic, it is not a “mash-up” but an imaginative, thrilling variation told primarily from Mr. Darcy’s point of view as he descends into the seedier side of London and introduces Elizabeth to a world of passion and the paranormal she never knew existed.

Pulse and Prejudice has been meticulously researched for historical accuracy and remains faithful to nineteenth century literary conventions and Miss Austen’s narrative.  The author spent fifteen months traveling to Britain and researching Regency England, as well as vampire lore and literature.  In the few instances in which the plots overlap, excerpts from canon have been expertly woven in so that prior knowledge of Pride and Prejudice is not required for full enjoyment of this remarkable novel.

Editorial Reviews

“I cannot express enough how skeptical I was upon starting this book. Pride and Prejudice with a touch of vampires was enough to send me into fits of eye rolls. But, within only the first chapter, I found myself strangely drawn to the story. The vampire Darcy weaves his spell quickly.” Austenprose

You can't have my copy of Mommy's book - you have to get your own!
“This was a really wonderful version of Pride and Prejudice! It was perfectly done. I loved reading my favorite story and this author weaved the Vampire story in incredibly perfect. Her way of turning this story into Darcy being a vampire was done with such finesse. Jane Austen herself would have been very diverted reading it.” Richard Green

“I recommend this book whole heartedly. This is a good re-telling, gripping and entertaining without being outrageous.”  Austen Prequels and Sequels

“I was blown away with how good this is. Colette tells it mainly from Darcy's tortured POV and so many things make so much more sense when it's revealed some of the characters are vampires. We get a lot of back story and Colette ties everything together so well. I was truly impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me.”  The Right Words in the Right Order

*2013, 2012


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