Masquerade Crew Scavenger Hunt & Cover Wars Have Begun!

This might be the most fun and easy way to win an Amazon Gift Card EVER!

OK, the first way to enter is super easy, so you don't get as many points for it - BUT you get to do it every day! That's voting for your favorite cover, and I know you will want to vote for the beautiful cover for Alicia's Possession created by the amazing Dawné Dominique. (Remember to vote every day throughout September!)

The September Scavenger Hunt earns you more points, but it's also more fun! You are given a question to answer about Alicia's Possession or the other sponsors, and you can find the answer in the Amazon description for the book (unless, of course, you already know because you have read it!) or the authors' websites. Or check out this lovely 5-star review from Between the Sheets Book Reviews! ("Murder, Mystery, love, BDSM, and some great sex. When I read a book and I can feel the characters emotions, then I know its a good book.")

You can go here to the Masquerade Crew website to play, but I have also added the Rafflecopter here for your convenience.  Good luck, and have fun!

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  1. Hi Colette: I wish you luck in this competition. I'm in it as well and see there are 14 other great authors vying for top spot. This should be tons of fun. I'll vote for your book, too, as we can select two each time we vote. Good luck. Feather

  2. I'm glad to see authors blogging about the campaign. Soon there will be an option on the Rafflecopter to earn points for blogging. I'm also going to add options for following on Twitter, liking on Facebook, and so forth. Not to mention the Scavenger Hunt questions from the authors' websites.

    Authors are encouraged to play the hunt as well.

    Thanks for being a part of this. It's already a lot of fun, and we just got started.


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