Alicia Embracing the Dark

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A dark anthology by Alicia Pageant, the heroine of Alicia's Possession.

Three vignettes written in the aftermath of her husband's infidelity and her impending divorce, Alicia's sadness and disillusionment with romantic relationships ripple off the pages. Her own depression and despair resonates through the characters she has created to express the desolation no one else can see but to which anyone who has loved and lost can relate.

Spirits - Former lovers reunite, but their reunion is haunted by the memory of her ex-husband and her wistful reflections on what might have been.

Portrait in Still Life - Catherine's father loved his wife. Her death propels him into a deep well of despair, eclipsing his world in grief. Anything else would mean he loved her less.

Dénouement - The fallout from the death of a relationship: Grieving the loss of a love affair with a lie.

Haunted by a traumatic accident and her husband’s betrayal, Alicia embraces the dark, believing she can never trust again.

What will it take to bring her out of the darkness? Who can light that one candle?

Available for Kindle $0.99 on Amazon.

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