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Gentle Readers, week I posted a blog, or blogged a post, or whatever, about how difficult it is for me to come up with blog topics (What Can I Say?). Well, lo and behold, Friday I found out about the "My Sexy Saturday" blog hop! With this blog hop, authors share a sexy snippet of 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from one of their books or a work in progress. Evidently, this has been going on for 33 weeks, but I just found out about it! (Probably a good thing since, with my soul-sucking day job, author events, and having only 20 days to move, I most likely would have missed about 20 of them.)

The theme this week: Characters who don't believe they will ever find anyone to love.

"This week we’re talking about those broken heroes and heroines who think they have nothing left to give to another person. They’ve stopped looking for their soul mates or don’t believe they even have one. They are truly surprised when someone falls for them."
This is such a prevailing theme in Pulse and Prejudice, the paranormal adaptation of the Austen classic which tells Mr Darcy's story as a vampire, I knew I had to participate!

Throughout the novel, Darcy struggles with his overwhelming attraction to Elizabeth Bennet, often fearing he wants her blood as a creature of the night rather than wanting her as a man desires a woman. Not long after his transformation into a vampire, Darcy decided he could never be with a woman, and undeserving of love, would suffer through eternity alone.


Spoiler alert for anyone unfamiliar with Pride and Prejudice:  Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love and end up together.
As this is an adaptation, my novel follows the plot of Jane Austen's classic romance but primarily from Darcy's point of view as if Miss Austen had always conceived his character as a vampire. (I do, however, have to add a few scenes from Elizabeth's point of view because for some reason Miss Austen never had Elizabeth learn his dark secret...) Also, I added my own section, Beyond Pride and Prejudice, veering away from canon, where I explore that "utmost force of passion," which simmers just below the surface throughout the original work.

Hence, for my inaugural "Sexy Saturday," I have selected 7 sentences from Pulse and Prejudice as Elizabeth demonstrates to Darcy that, despite his curse, he can still find love...and more...

    So this was what she had been wanting, to feel him inside of her, to have their bodies united. As he thrust within her, he drew her blood into his mouth, drinking her in greedily. His heart began to beat, in rhythm with her own, the music of their mutual pulse echoing in her head. She was intoxicated by sensations she had not known existed.
   Leaving her neck, he resumed the assault on her mouth—the sweet metallic taste of blood, her blood, on both their lips. She felt she was climbing, climbing towards some unknown destination. The tension continued to mount until intense erotic waves engulfed her, and she pulled her mouth away to cry out.

Sexy enough for you? I would love to know what you think! And if this, ahem, whets your appetite for more, Pulse and Prejudice is available in paperback, audiobook, and all eBook formats.

Now this is a blog hop, so be sure to hop on over to visit all these other authors and see what sizzling 7s they have for you on My Sexy Saturday!


  1. Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! That's a "wow" first post :)

  2. I love these type of novels! I'm going to have to pick this up...thanks for sharing. And welcome to My Sexy Saturday!

  3. Oh God. Where's the hose? My computer has self-combusted.

    1. Hahahaha!! Just don't ask me to buy you a new one!


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