Alicia's Possession and How to Feel Sexy...

Gentle Readers,
I am back again this week with my THIRD  "My Sexy Saturday"! With this blog hop, authors share a sexy snippet of 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs from one of their books or a work in progress.

The theme this week: Feeling Sexy
"We love the stories where the characters are confident in their sexuality. We love those stories where one of those characters has to teach the other that they really are sexy. We love it every time when they get together and show us just how sexy they feel. Share them with us this week!"

So today, as with last week, I have an excerpt from the Romantic Suspense Alicia's Possession, which has BOTH such characters.

Alicia's ex-husband John was, as one reader put it, a "douche." He betrayed her, not only breaking her heart but stealing her self-confidence as well. She thinks that, because he wanted someone else, there must be something wrong with her. After all, she wasn't sexy enough for her own husband, and he went looking for someone who could fulfill his desires.

Mason, on the other hand, is not just confident in his own sexuality; he understands Alicia's vulnerability and self-doubts, and he is determined to prove to her how truly desirable and sexy she is - and introduce her to some new desires of her own that she never knew she had!

To illustrate this fully, this time I must provide you with 7 paragraphs, but some are quite short. (FYI: Her "safety word" is apple.)

WARNING: This is an ADULT excerpt! Read at your own risk.... and Enjoy~    Alicia felt wild—outside of herself. Out of control. She was out of control. He was in control. Mason. She had given him complete control, and he rewarded her with pleasure beyond her imagination. A woman’s voice cried out and echoed throughout the room. Alicia opened her eyes then realized it was her own cries of ecstasy. She knew it had been a while since she and John had slept together, but she didn’t remember it ever turning her inside out like this. As he pounded into her, she wrapped her legs around his waist to bring him deeper, which might prove impossible. He filled her completely. Never before had a man fit her so perfectly.
    Mason braced himself on the headboard, as if he instinctively knew she wanted him to go harder, deeper. “God, you’re so tight,” he croaked out.
   Then she worried. The insecurity returned, of something being wrong with her. Was she too tight? He had such a pained expression on his face. “Am I too tight?”
    He breathed out a laugh. “No, my pet. You are perfect. I wish I could fuck you all night.”
    His use of the profanity both embarrassed and aroused her, which embarrassed her even more. Then she glimpsed the cuffs on her wrists, gleaming like silver bracelets, and her womb flipped at the sight of her helplessness. He lengthened and hardened inside of her, and she thought he might be nearing his climax, so she raised her hips to meet him. He couldn’t really intend to pull out now and come in her mouth. Why hadn’t she said apple? As the waves of sensation poured over her, the realization stunned her. She must want it. Each time she thought of him putting himself in her mouth as she lay helpless, heat flared between her legs, and a sharp sizzle ran over her tiny nub until she began to think she would soon come herself.
    Mason must have sensed it, too, because he reached one hand down to stroke her clit, and that combined with his continued thrusts, brought her teetering on the edge. “Ah, my pet. Do you want to come for me?” She arched her back, but when she didn’t answer, he stopped. “I asked you a question. Do you want to come for me?” He stopped pushing into her then, before barely running a finger over that most sensitive pearl of flesh.
    “Oh, God, yes,” she cried out.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet for my "Sexy Saturday." I would love to know what you think! If you want to find out more about Alicia and Mason's story - and the mystery that brought them together - you can find Alicia's Possession in print and in all eBook formats, and soon it will also be available as an audiobook.

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  1. Alicia is definitely getting an education.

  2. Mason drives a hard bargain. All that and he stops in the middle of it. Worse than a tease.

  3. Wew....looks like Mason is complete control and Alicia is loving it. Damn...that's hot!


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