Winners of ALICIA'S POSSESSION and PULSE & PREJUDICE in Summer's End Blog Hop!

Announcing the winners in the Summer's End Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop!

Congratulations to Eva and Chynarey! They were selected by as the winners of my gieaways! Amazingly enough, seemed to know who wanted what (I was really wondering what to do if they both wanted the same prize!), so Eva will receive an Audiobook of Pulse and Prejudice and Chynarey will receive an eBook of Alicia's Possession, personally inscribed to her!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by during the blog hop! If you didn't win, no worries: Pulse and Prejudice is available not only in audiobook but in print and all eBook formats as well, and Alicia's Possession is available in both print and eBook. You can even have your own personally inscribed eBook by ordering from Autography in any format! (Click here for Alicia's Possession and here for Pulse and Prejudice and enter the First Name you would like used on the inscription.)

By the way, did you know that Alicia Pageant, the heroine from Alicia's Possession, has just released a dark anthology on Kindle for 99¢?  WARNING: Alicia Embracing the Dark is not a romance!

Three vignettes written in the aftermath of her husband's infidelity and her disillusionment with romantic relationships. Alicia’s own depression and despair resonates through the characters she has created to express the desolation no one else can see.

Spirits - Former lovers reunite, but their reunion is haunted by the memory of her ex-husband and her wistful reflections on what might have been.

Portrait in Still Life - Catherine's father loved his wife. Her death propels him into a deep well of despair, eclipsing his world in grief. Anything else would mean he loved her less.

Dénouement - The end of a love affair with a lie.

Then Alicia's story continues....

 Alicia's Possession
Haunted by a traumatic accident and her husband’s betrayal, Alicia believes she can never trust again. Now she must surrender her will to Mason if she wants to find out if the bizarre events terrorizing her are the work of the paranormal, her own paranoia, or something far more sinister.

Pulse and Prejudice - The definitive vampire adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic love story.

Set against the vivid backdrop of historical Regency England, this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice follows the cursed Mr. Darcy as he endeavours to overcome both his love and his bloodlust for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. This imaginative, thrilling variation adheres to the original plot and style of the Jane Austen classic but tells Darcy’s story as he descends into the darker side of London and introduces Elizabeth to a world of passion and the paranormal she never knew existed.

The Novels of Colette L. Saucier

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