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Greetings, dear readers!

Welcome to the Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop! A whole slew of your favourite Secret Cravings Authors - and maybe some who will become new favourites! - have joined in the fun for this weekend, and you will want to visit them all to see what they have to offer!  I will be giving away my TWO new releases: An eBook of my "spanking" new Romantic Suspense Thriller Alicia's Possession PLUS the newly-released AUDIOBOOK of Pulse and Prejudice. (You can hear a sample just there on the right - See it? Although it really doesn't do the narrator justice - you have to hear his dwarf and prostitute!) 

To be entered to win one of these TWO prizes, just leave a comment below.  Be sure to include an email address so I can let you know when you win! 

Pulse and Prejudice is the paranormal adaptation of Jane Austen's classic, which tells Mr. Darcy's story - but as a vampire.  Plus I wrote my novel as if Miss Austen had envisioned Mr. Darcy as a vampire all along! Certainly explains his aloof nature and why he constantly misinterprets "human" behaviour...  Although now available in audiobook, Pulse and Prejudice can also be found in eBook and paperback.

I recently attended not one but TWO author/reader conferences - the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas and Authors After Dark in Savannah. One of the great things about these conferences is the chance to play dress-up - especially for the masquerade balls! For the RNC, we were told to dress as a character from a romance novel, so I dressed as the Comtesse de Calmet, one of the many original characters in Pulse and Prejudice. The cowboy? Umm.... didn't see too many of those in Regency England! No, he is definitely not a character in my novel - which is historically accurate down to the weather! - but he definitely was a character!

Although Alicia's Possession is primarily a romantic suspense, it is also my first foray into bondage with elements of Dominance and submission, particularly focusing on the psychology of the submissive. In fact, to illustrate, I am going to do something I never do and actually quote a reviewer!  
"Saucier has blended together a very interesting mystery with a BDSM relationship in its infancy. Alicia’s Possession is a good read for both the love story and the mystery." Manic Readers 
At the Authors After Dark conference, I was honoured to be included on one of the BDSM panels with none other than Joey Hill! We even had several opportunities to chat, including at the Vampire Ball where I dressed (ahem - pay no attention to my age) as MY Elizabeth Bennet from Pulse and Prejudice who **SPOILER ALERT** eventually is bitten by the vampire Darcy. (Now, come on. Wouldn't you want Vampire Darcy to bite Elizabeth?) It was so exciting to meet her and so many other authors I have followed for years, and now I have the thrill of seeing readers like you are so receptive to my first (very mild) BDSM novel!

So here's the scoop on Alicia's Possession:   

Following the horrific car crash that left her in a coma for two months, Alicia Pageant has returned to her affluent lakeside home to recuperate and come to terms with her husband’s infidelity and their impending divorce; but her attention is frequently captured by the violent arguments of the Daniel and Judith Holloman, who recently moved into the house on the other side of the lake. One night she is awoken by gunshots and other strange noises coming from across the lake; and, after witnessing what she believes is someone driving away with a body and never seeing Daniel again, Alicia insists on calling the police, against the advice of her estranged husband, who believes she has imagined it.

Detective Mason Crawley is sent out to investigate the “suspicious incident,” which he considers a nuisance call – even more so after learning of Alicia’s recent head injury and watching her take her pain medication with wine. He interviews Judith Holloman, who says her husband has gone out of the country on business, but the stories of both women begin to unravel when he sees the two of them meeting. Then while attempting to locate Daniel, someone claiming to be a contractor with the Department of Defense warns him not to investigate Daniel’s disappearance further.

Mason confronts Alicia and demands an explanation, and she is forced to admit that her head injury has left her with no memory of the accident or the several weeks before. Still she insists not only that Daniel is dead but now he is haunting her because she knows he was murdered.  Although he cannot control his increasing attraction to Alicia, Mason isn’t sure if she’s lying, delusional, or in some sort of danger. This leads him to look into her drunk-driving accident, in which she drove her BMW into a lake several miles from her house; but something about the single-car crash doesn’t add up either.

Even as they succumb to their growing feelings and desires, Alicia doesn’t know if she can trust anyone after her husband’s disloyalty; and when Mason discovers that the night of Alicia’s accident she had gone to confront her husband’s mistress – and no one has seen the girl since – he doesn’t know if he can trust her either. And now he has yet another mystery to solve, with Alicia at the heart of it.

So it's really a romantic suspense wrapped in a mystery tied up in ropes with a little Dominance thrown in for good measure!

Let me know what you think about my new thriller Alicia's Possession or my paranormal adaptation Pulse and Prejudice, and you could be a winner! Just leave a comment below, including your email address.  

Then keep on hopping over to the other authors' websites in this Extra-special Weekend End of Summer Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop! Better have your TBR list handy.... 

What's your craving?


  1. Alicia's Possession sounds like and awesome read...
    Definitely intrigued...

    caiidynsmommie at gmail dot com

  2. Winning that audiobook would be fantastic!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  3. Oooooh, Alicia's Possession sounds like a must-read!

  4. Alicia's Possession sound great! Happy Hopping

  5. Alicia's Possession sounds brilliant!

  6. I would love Pulse and Prejudice . I really want to read this one.

  7. Pulse and Pejudice was great. Looking forward to Alicia's Possession!

  8. Thanks so much for letting me know about the hop! And now i need to add Pulse and Prejudice to my TBR list! Love takes on Jane Austen!


  9. I think both books sound very interesting.

  10. I think both books sound very interesting.

  11. I love the idea of Vampire Darcy biting Elizabeth!! I also really enjoy audiobooks :)


  12. Great post!


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