Better Late Than Pregnant! Winners (Finally!) Announced

With deepest apologies, I must confess:  I have been a terrible blogger lately!  I spent the last two weeks on the road at the Romance Novel Convention and Authors After Dark and stupidly thought I could blog while traveling. Obviously, it didn't happen! (I did a little write-up on the conferences for Austen Authors here if you're interested.)

Thus, without further ado: The winners in my giveaway for the Love, Lust, and Lipstick Stains Blog Hop are K. April and Laurie (selected by They will each receive a Personally Inscribed eBook of my latest release, the Romantic Suspense Thriller Alicia's Possession! (It hasn't been out long, but I am thrilled by its  wonderful reception based on the reviews by readers like you!)

If you didn't win, never fear: Alicia's Possession is available wherever fine eBooks are sold. You can even have your eBook personally inscribed by ordering it from Autography! I had so much fun signing eBooks for readers at the conferences. Isn't technology amazing?

Haunted by a traumatic accident and her husband’s betrayal, Alicia believes she can never trust again. Now she must surrender her will to Mason if she wants to find out if the bizarre events terrorizing her are the work of the paranormal, her own paranoia, or something far more sinister.

Alicia's Possession tells the story of a wealthy socialite who has just awoken from a coma following a freak car crash. Now she has retrograde amnesia and cannot remember the accident or the weeks leading up to it. After finding out her husband had been having an affair, she has thrown him out and is living alone, dealing with the aftereffects of the head injury as well as major depression from the collapse of her marriage. Then she witnesses bizarre occurrences in and around her home. She thinks she hears gunshots in the middle of the night, and her neighbor mysteriously disappears. Then odd things begin to occur inside her own house, and she begins to believe her neighbor was murdered and is now haunting her.

When Alicia calls the police to investigate, Detective Mason Crawley finds more questions than answers and doesn’t know if she’s paranoid or delusional or guilty of something herself. One thing he does recognize, though, is she needs someone to take care of her—take control—and he believes he is the man who can do it. This is my first foray into (extremely mild) BDSM, so it includes light bondage and Dominance and submission.

The Novels of Colette L. Saucier

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