Natalie Acres' Guest Post Winners of Alicia's Possession and Pulse and Prejudice!

Good morning, dear readers! I recently had the honor of visiting Natalie Acres' blog to talk a little about my latest releases, the conferences I will be attending this month (this week I leave for Las Vegas for the Romance Novel Convention!), and what I am writing now.

Included in my guest post, I had a giveaway of my TWO new releases: an eBook of Alicia's Possession PLUS the newly-released AUDIOBOOK of Pulse and Prejudice! (You can hear a sample just there on the right - See it?)

The winners of the giveaways (as selected by are Eva P. and Stephanie!  (Eva – I need your contact info. Please email me:

If you did not win, no worries! Alicia's Possession is available in all eBook formats, and Pulse and Prejudice is available in print and eBook, as well as audiobook!

If you happened to miss my guest post, I hope you will visit Natalie's blog to get all the scoop PLUS there's an excerpt of Alicia's Possession!

Guest Post: 
Colette L. Saucier


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