Hump Day Hook #3

Welcome to the Hump Day Hook Hop for November 14, 2012!

With this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a WIP or finished book for all to see. Then, it would be really cool if you could visit all the writers participating and comment on their paragraph!

This romantic paragraph is from my current work in progress, Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice, the vampire adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story.

   She pulled back to look up at him and met his smile with her own, loving marriage at that moment and its promise of pleasure.  She pushed his coat off of his shoulders as he lowered his mouth onto hers.  As they continued to kiss, slowly and deliberately they worked together to undress him to the waist and then discarded her nightrail.  He pulled his face back from hers and ran his hands down her face, her neck, her shoulders; and that familiar and welcome warmth welled within her.  Her blood rippled hot through her veins.  Oh, how she longed for him!  How she wanted him to feast on her desire.  She looked into his black eyes, full of lust and hunger, and tilted her head in invitation.  He pushed her hair away from her throat and pierced her flesh with his teeth.

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