Thursday Thirteen - 13 things you probably don't want to know...

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen for November 29th, 2012

Here are thirteen things you probably don't want to know about my dog:

1. Although he is a purebreed (PBGV), he is always mistaken for a mutt. (Is that a cross between a basset hound and a schnauzer?)

2. Because of his preposterously short legs, he needs to use steps to get on the bed; but when my daughter's chihuahua was able to leap up with ease, his pride wouldn't let him use the steps anymore. Now he spends 5-10 minutes trying to jump up before he finally makes it (or my husband gives in and puts him on the bed).

3. His favourite foods: Shoes & panties

4. He gets carsick unless he rides in the front seat, which means on a road-trip, I'm in the back

5. The volume of his bark/howl rivals that of a jet engine but with the pleasantness of nails on a chalkboard.

6. He watches television, especially enjoying procedurals, but he does not like American Horror Story.

7. He desperately wants to talk. He will sit and stare at us and converse at length in baby talk and occasionally cluck like a chicken.

8. He was the inspiration for the dog Amadeus in Pulse and Prejudice - the only character in any of my books based on someone in my life. (Click here for an excerpt starring Amadeus.)

9. He knows he is not supposed to bark at people when they come over, and he tries so hard to obey by finding something with which to muffle himself - which results in slightly muffled barking.

10. His colours are black and gold, so he is naturally a Saints fan.

11. He has 2 speeds: On and Off

12. It only took him about 20 minutes to learn how to ring a bell when he wants to go out.

13. In case you hadn't guessed, he LOVES to pose for pictures.

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  1. Very cute. He looks like a great dog.

    1. He's lucky he's so cute or I probably would have strangled him by now. I was joking about his bark!

    2. He is adorable! Looks a little like my Max a mixed terrier. But fluffier. Must be nice and cuddly.

    3. He is adorable! Looks a little like my Max a mixed terrier. But fluffier. Must be nice and cuddly.


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