Sneak Peek Sunday - Pulse and Prejudice

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday for April 7th!
I know, it has been a long time since I have posted a Sunday excerpt; but I have been dealing with my own March Madness, which has turned me into a very bad blogger.
I won't go into the gory details of the more stressful aspects of my "real" life, but on the plus side, I did complete a new romantic suspense - Alicia's Possession - which will be published in July by Secret Cravings Publishing!

I also just finished the "proof-listening" for the audiobook version of Pulse and Prejudice, my paranormal adaptation of Jane Austen's classic, which tells the story of Mr. Darcy - vampire. It is still in production but should be available early this summer, and it sounds amazing! At one point, I even got chills - and I knew what was coming! Of course, you don't have to wait for the audiobook, as it is currently available in print and all eBook formats.

These are a few lines I enjoyed hearing spoken aloud by the narrator, as Mr. Darcy contemplates immortality juxtaposed against (Spoiler Alert if you don't know the plot of Pride and Prejudice) his efforts to preserve Lydia's reputation to save Elizabeth from grief....

     In his restless early morning hours when he longed for the sleep that would bring a respite to his thoughts, Darcy’s mind often turned to eternity. What would it mean to live, or exist rather, forever? He found the very idea daunting. The last eight and twenty years had been fraught with pain, heartache, and death. Would he suffer the same wounds into the next century? The next millennium? Or in a sea of infinite time, would the significance of such events be diluted? Would he one day lose all affinity for those whom Wickham had labelled insects called the human race?
      For now, it mattered not. Although he inhered in eternity, presently he marked the days of his own lifetime. As the decades passed, the reputation of one silly girl and the happiness of one young woman might long be forgotten; but for the moment, these fleeting vexations guided his every action.

I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit from Pulse and Prejudice. (Click here for more excerpts) You can find more Sunday snippets from other amazing authors by using the Twitter hashtag #SneakPeekSunday.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow when Ciaran Dwynvil joins me for Coffee with Colette to tell us about In Blue Poppy Fields, the third installment in his Guardian Demon paranormal fantasy series. You won't want to miss that!

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