Scott Cairns' Amazon Breakthrough Novel Interviews

Author Scott Cairns, a fellow Semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (in the General Fiction category) for his novel Silver, is biding his time awaiting our fate by interviewing other contenders, including yours truly!  He asked me about myself, my writing, and my own ABNA Semi-finalist, All My Tomorrows....

ABNA: The Rest of the Field (Romance)

By Scott on April 27, 2013

Continuing my obsession with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, I thought I would continue by checking out the rest of the opposition in the other categories. Bad idea…..
I’ve thrown stuff at the wall and uttered some unforgivably bad words so this free publicity is really just atonement. I would like to thank Colette Saucier for her time to complete this interview. Good luck in this round but if we meet in Seattle….the gloves are off!

In keeping with this digital world of brevity, tell us about yourself in no more than 50 words. 
I am married with three grown daughters and two crazy dogs. Every day begins with strong coffee and ends with robust wine. I’m addicted to history, literature, and outrageously expensive cheese. I love reading, writing, and world travel. My dream is to become a best-selling author and live in Tuscany.

Your book ‘All My Tomorrows’ is one of the final five novels in the ‘Romance’ category of the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Can you tell us a little about the book and why you think it has made it this far.

All My Tomorrows is the story of Alice McGuillicutty, the head-writer of a long-running soap opera who would do anything to save the show from cancellation. When a scandal forces film star and Hollywood bad-boy Peter Walsingham onto the set of 'All My Tomorrows,’ Alice hopes that the aggravation of dealing with this prima donna, who believes himself above soap operas and everyone associated with them, will ultimately be rewarded by keeping the show off the network chopping block. The novel also includes some chapters of a book-within-the-book, as Alice reads an old melodramatic absurdist novel for inspiration and allows that story to influence her own.
As far as it making it into the ABNA Semi-finals, no one could have been more surprised than I.       Continue reading.......


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