Hump Day Hook #1

Welcome to the Hump Day Hook Hop for October 24, 2012!

With this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a WIP or finished book for all to see. Then, it would be really cool if you could visit all the writers participating and comment on their paragraph!

This romantic paragraph is from my current work in progress, Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice, the vampire adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story.

   Crimson drops fell onto the white snow, staining it pink.  Darcy had not intended this – to drink from his wife – when he claimed his prize of a kiss after catching her as they raced through the hedge maze at Pemberley.  As had so often occurred in the span of their brief marriage, his tender kiss had escalated quickly into fervent ardour.  The laughter then in her eyes, his wife had taken hold of the lapels of his greatcoat and, falling back onto the snow, pulled him down with her.  As their kisses deepened, so, too, had his hunger and desire.  He pulled off his gloves and trailed his cold fingers down her face.  Untying her bonnet and unfastening her cape, he exposed her neck for his lips and his teeth.  She moaned softly as he drew the blood from her throat, sharing her warmth and her pulse, savouring the rich, metallic taste.  He pulled back to look at her, only then noticing that a few precious drops of lifeblood had escaped his embrace and fallen onto the snow..

Love to know what you think! 

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